Not thrilled with working out on my own

I have thought about reaching out to my fitness trainer directly and asking for a private session

The corona virus has caused a lot of challenges. I used to handle all of my errands after work. It was the ideal way to finish the day and avoid getting trapped in rush hour traffic. Quite often, I would head over to the mall and enjoy a little shopping for something fun. Three to four evenings a week, I had signed up for an hour long fitness class at the core progression. The gym is conveniently located on the way home from work. The virus has messed up my schedule. Now, I take care of my work tasks totally online. There’s no need to drive to the city. All of my errands are also handled online. I order groceries, prescriptions and have clothing and shoes shipped right to my home. The core progression gym has temporarily closed due to all the restrictions. I am not satisfied with working out on my own. I am used to having a certified fitness trainer leading the class. She takes the group through a variation of stretches and decides how long to sustain them. She determines whether the class is jumping rope, balancing on a wobble board, completing burpees or using kettlebells. I have none of the essential equipment available at home. There are also some really great partner drills that work on the ab muscles, arms and legs. I don’t have anybody available to partner with now. I just walk around the house trying out whatever stretches I can think of. Sometimes I jog in place. I sometimes head out for a run or a bike ride, but that gets boring, depends on the weather and my feet start to hurt. I miss my group fitness classes. Right now, the gym isn’t offering out virtual fitness classes. I have thought about reaching out to my fitness trainer directly and asking for a private session. The way I’m going, I am going to gain weight and get soft and flabby. I’ll be in terrible shape by the time the fitness center opens back up.

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