Should Have Told Property Manager About HVAC Issue Sooner

In June, my new supervisor decided to move our office from midtown to downtown, and we moved very quickly.

In order to get out of our lease, we needed to move in less than a week because the property manager had someone who wanted our office space right away. So, off we went, and we are now in a bigger office that is closer to the capitol building in our state. Right from the very beginning, it was always really hot in my boss’s office. Every day, without fail, he would complain about how he could not get his office to cool down enough to make him comfortable. He would set his thermostat really low, but the a/c never got the office cooler than 75 degrees. Also, to make matters worse, he would set my thermostat to 68 in an attempt to get my office area cool enough that the a/c would “overflow” into his office. Since I was getting sick of it, I went in and checked his thermostat. It was clearly flashing the words “replace batteries,” so I figured his thermostat wasn’t working properly. I went out and bought really good batteries and replaced them. No luck. Then, I got it in my head that probably didn’t know how to set the programmable thermostat properly. So, one day when he wasn’t there, I watched an online video about thermostats and went in and reprogrammed his. No luck. Finally, I contacted the property manager, and she sent an HVAC technician the very next day. That is when we discovered that the compressor on his HVAC unit was completely non functioning! I should have told the property manager sooner.



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Preparing for Thanksgiving Means HVAC Tune-Up

Certain events throughout the year serve as reminders for me.

For example, the first of each month, I am reminded to give my dog her heartworm treatment.

When the clock springs forward, I am reminded to change the batteries in my smoke detector. Well, Thanksgiving reminds me to get my HVAC tune-up. I have a service contract with one of the local heating and cooling companies, and I have found that this investment has been a good one for me. With the contract, I am entitled to once-a-year inspection and maintenance of my HVAC system. Some people choose to get the HVAC service before it starts getting really hot, or perhaps, right after it starts getting really hot outside. I do not do that, however, because I have found that is the time when the heating and cooling companies are overwhelmed with lots of A/C service calls. Because I live in the south and we use our a/c much more frequently than we use the furnace, the summer is a busy time for a/c guys. Because of that, I began getting my HVAC tune-up just before the cold winter weather sets in – and that usually means around Thanksgiving. As the official start of the holiday season, Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday, and I find that using it as my reminder to service my heating and cooling systems keeps me right on track as a responsible homeowner. We are fortunate to live in an area where we have much milder falls and winters, but we still need to look out for the heater as well as the a/c.


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There are a few drawbacks to building with shipping containers

Anyone who is considering a shipping container building project should familiarize themselves with both the benefits and drawbacks.

People are quick to point out the many advantages of their durability, availability and sustainability.

It’s easy to overlook that there are some downsides to using containers for construction. Most of these challenges can be solved with determination. Shipping containers are available in a variety of lengths and heights to accommodate demands. However, they are typically a standard width. Most shipping containers are eight feet wide. Once insulation and interior walls are added, the interior room width ends up a bit over seven feet. That’s quite narrow for nearly any type of room. Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even utility closets are recommended to have a floor space of at least seven feet wide. This standard is used to promote safety, health and comfort. However, it’s not impossible to resolve this issue. Shipping containers can be placed next to each other, with portions of the walls cut out to enlarge the width. Unlike standard walls constructed with studs, the corrugated metal sheathing of a container eliminates the cavity that is used to house insulation. The insulation needs to be installed on either the inside or outside of the corrugated metal sheathing. Since insulation isn’t attractive or durable, it should be covered up. An interior wall can be added to create a better appearance and provide a convenient place to mount light switches, decorations, cabinets and more. If the insulation is located on the exterior of the container, cladding can be added overtop to protect it from weather and improve appearance.


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Some of the benefits of container homes

Container homes offer a lot of wonderful benefits.

While they aren’t the right choice for every person or demand, there are plenty of rewarding qualities.

For one thing, shipping containers are affordable. They aren’t always cheaper than traditional construction, but typically save money throughout the start-to-finish project. Design decisions, size and amount of hired labor certainly impacts the end cost. The key is to be aware of the advantages and accept the limits and opportunities provided by a container. Most people fail to recognize shipping containers as an environmentally friendly choice. Although they aren’t recycled, they are reused. When a shipping container is no longer suitable for its intended purpose, it gets a second lifecycle. They also reduce the need for building materials and natural resources. The containers are built of steel to withstand weather and long journeys across the ocean. They are extremely strong and durable and can resist extreme loads and wear and tear. They hold up for decades, which makes them an ideal construction material. A container building keeps the people and possessions inside totally safe and can be counted on to last for many years. Each container is constructed to exactly the same size and shape. While they are not unique in anyway, this provides nearly limitless housing and building possibilities. They are able to be modified, combined and utilized in a million different ways. Always starting with a uniform product is actually very helpful. They are wonderfully flexible. The container building can be completely fitted to meet requirements right at the factory, shipped to the building site and then easily assembled. They can also offer an entirely DIY project and accommodate any construction schedule.

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Shipping containers provide nearly limitless options

When shipping containers were invented to provide a more efficient and economical means of transporting goods, no one realized there would shortly be a buildup of excess containers.

This was caused by trade imbalances and led to the interest in transforming containers into useful buildings. Since the 1980’s, professional designers and regular people have utilized shipping containers in new and ingenious ways. The category of buildings that are considered shipping container construction is quite expansive. There are examples of container tiny-houses on wheels, container cabins, student apartments and large homes. There are hybrid buildings that incorporate containers with traditional construction. Traditional buildings are sometimes built on top of containers or the other way around. Containers are often placed inside traditional buildings. Newer container buildings can now include exterior coverings and interior walls that make it impossible to identify the container after the construction process is complete. People have even experimented with turning, twisting and stacking containers in organic ways to create truly original and beautiful structures. At this point, containers are no longer limited to a narrow building category because they can be transformed into limitless possibilities for form and function. Container buildings are defined by square footage, how they look or their exact purpose. If a container was used in the building process, then it falls into the category of a shipping container building or home. This broad term leaves plenty of room for people to push the limits and take innovation to the next level. Because shipping containers are relatively inexpensive, standard, available and able to be transported nearly anywhere, they make for an extremely convenient building option.

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The invention of shipping containers is impressive

It’s hard to believe that shipping containers didn’t even exist until just a few decades ago.

  • They have quickly become very important to the world economy.

They’ve also transformed from strictly transporting goods to being used as building materials. Shipping containers were originally created to solve the issue of moving products quickly and safely across land and see. Manufacturer’s were looking for a more economical and efficient means of transportation. Shipping containers need to be large enough to hold several thousand cubic feet of goods yet compact enough to fit on a truck and driven on highways. The also need to be durable enough to handle severe weather extremes and long journeys at sea, while still being light enough to be hauled with cranes and forklifts. Modern shipping containers are quite uniform so that any truck or ship is able to support and hold any container. They are flexible so that they can be used to transport dry goods, bulk liquids, refrigerated goods and heavy machinery. In the matter of just a few short years, the world’s shipping needs have been answered and transformed. Goods are now able to be effectively and quite easily transported to distant countries without waste or damage. Considering that very few countries use the same type of currency, speak the same language, use the same type of electrical plug or follow the same safety regulations, it’s amazing that shipping containers are used and are the same all over the world. This level of standardization has opened up a wide range of possibilities across numerous industries.

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Moving out of an apartment and into a container house

I was tired of throwing money away every month on rent, but didn’t think I could afford to purchase or build my own home.

I started looking into costs for building online and came across container homes.

I’d never heard of this before, but apparently more and more people are choosing container architecture. Steel shipping containers provide an affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to a conventional construction project. The whole process is super simple. I found out that I could order the number of units I need to complete my design and have them delivered to any location. They arrived by flatbed truck. After that, the construction phase was completed very quickly. It’s a fast and green approach that makes it possible for someone with limited funds to create their dream home. The steel containers are built in a factory, so they are standardized, durable and easy to move. There’s a tremendous savings in time and materials because the container is pre-fitted for installation and already structurally sound when it arrives. I was able to get the shipping containers for a few thousand dollars. Getting features such as electricity, plumbing, windows and floors added to the final expense. There was also headaches and costs for permits, site prep, delivery and labor. I was still able to have a home all ready for me to move in for under $10,000. The start-to-finish time and cost was probably about a third of a conventional build. I am totally happy with and glad to be out of an apartment and into my own home.
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We need a buy-one-get-one-free discount on A/Cs

Dad and I have always been best friends.

Mom died when I was 17 and I decided I would stay with Dad until he got remarried.

Someone has to look after him. Well, he never did meet anyone else who was marriage material. I guess no one else can compare to Mom. So now, he and I live together. Not that that’s a problem. I’m completely content just taking care of my father. Recently, we moved to the south. It’s amazing how much the weather conditions can change in a short distance. Both of us are used to the cold snowy Winters & mild Summers of the north. It’s quite a bit different here in the south. The summers are so much warmer that’s for sure. The temperatures reach up into the low hundreds during August and that’s not something either of us were prepared for. We brought one of those window air conditioning units from our old house and both my father and I thought that would be enough. It certainly was not. We live in a nice cozy little house, however, it’s so warm here that one window air conditioning unit simply cannot keep up with all the heat from outside. I plan to get at least one more unit for the living room of the home. This would make the house a little bit more livable. I might even get an extra air conditioning unit for my dad’s bedroom as well. He doesn’t like to complain but I don’t think he gets a lot of cold air from the one that’s in my room currently. I wonder if anybody offers a buy-one-get-one-free discount.

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There hasn’t been enough humidity in my home’s air

When the temperature starts rising, our AC system is running constantly.

  • Most of the time, I enjoy knowing that the AC system removes the humidity from the air.

This week however, I wish it would just leave a tiny amount of the humidity for me because I’ve been really sick. I was experiencing all of the signs in addition to symptoms of a sinus infection such as sinus congestion to an awful cough. Finally, I made myself go outside in order to buy groceries in addition to wouldn’t starve to death. While I was out of the house, I realized that my symptoms were a lot better in the humid air, so I ended up picking out a humidifier for the house. After plugging it in, I began to feel instant relief from my sinus congestion. The humidifier only honestly helps in one room of my house, but I think I’m going to get a few more. I want one for my family room in addition to one for my master bedroom. I wonder if there’s some way to affix a humidifier to my current Heating in addition to Air Conditioning plan. I’d like to control the humidity of my house in the same way that I can control the temperature with the control unit. I hope it can be hooked up to a water line, so I wouldn’t have to constantly refill the reservoir either, that would be swell. However, I cannot help but think that this harshly dry air is what’s causing me to become sick. It’s easy to forget how important the air quality is until it begins causing concerns such as this. As soon as I’m 100% feeling better, I am going to hire a Heating in addition to Air Conditioning technician to come out and discuss a whole house humidifier.

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The dry air is causing us to get sick

We want to control the humidity in our home the same way we control the temperature through our temperature control.

I adore the fact that the a/c removes the humidity from my air during the summer months when the a/c is running. However, I wish it would’ve just left a tiny amount of humidity this week, because my husband in addition to I caught some kind of nasty virus. We experienced all the signs in addition to symptoms such as sinus congestion and an exhausting cough. We finally made ourselves go out of the house so the two of us could get groceries in addition to wouldn’t starve to death. While we were out, we realized that our virus symptoms were a lot better in the humid air. We decided to pick up a humidifier while out. Within minutes of starting it up, my husband in addition to I both felt instant relief from our congestion. The humidifier only added moisture to one room of the house though, so we’re thinking about investing in a couple more. We want one for the study room in addition to one for our bedroom. We were wondering if there was some way to link a humidifier to our HVAC method. We want to control the humidity in our home the same way we control the temperature through our temperature control. We’d like it to be hooked up to a water line, so we wouldn’t need to refill it so often. We cannot help but believe that the dry air is what causes us to get sick. It’s easy to forget about how important indoor air conditions are, until you start feeling ill. As soon as the two of us are both feeling better, we’re going to meet with an HVAC corporation in addition to find out about a whole home humidity option.