One negative of portable space heating systems

I have to say, that I love our portable space heater.

However, there is 1 negative to the portable space heater.

That is the fact that it is corded. Having to find a plug in the wall to run the portable space heating system tends to periodically be a headache, depending on where I am at. I undoubtedly was curious, so I did some research to see if there was a such thing as a battery operated space heater, and no such thing existed. It looked to be a common search term, so I think I am not the only 1 who feels this way about space heaters, but everywhere I was looking it said that in the future, there could be a portable space heating system that runs on batteries, however it is yet to be invented. They did mention that there was some kind of portable heating system that ran on propane plus gas, however I personally do not like to even mess with anything that is run by gas. I have heard too numerous horror stories about carbon monoxide poisoning, plus also some stories about explosions due to gas operated products. There was something I read about a married couple who both died because of 1 of those portable gas heaters. That was enough to convince me to never even buy 1! So, for now, I will have to just be blissful with the Heating plus Air Conditioning technology of the corded portable space heater, plus hope for some inventor to make a battery operated 1 somehow in the future.



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Difficult making it through the summer

I have to make currency stretch further than ever lately.

The cost of residing seems to be skyrocketing in our area, as well as the wages remain stagnant appreciate always.

Just the rental rates alone are enough to give some people apoplexy. When I originally found our apartment, I naively assumed that the rate I was paying the first year would stay the same. Every consecutive year has seen our building owner raise our rent by at least 10% when the time comes to sign a new lease. On top of that, our car isn’t in the best shape. I had the suspension aligned recently, only to find out that a bend in the car’s frame is preventing the tires from correctly aligning. This was no doubt from a collision years back before the car ever got in our possession. Still, this was a drastic concern, especially when I discovered a week later that our A/C stopped getting cold. No matter what setting I used on the car’s A/C, the air coming out of the vents was hot. I prayed that maybe I just needed coolant in the plan to kick start it back into working, then I l acquired that the compressor had failed. I didn’t have the currency to make the repairs, so I had to make it through a warm Summer with no A/C in our car. As much as I appreciate as well as care about frigid air at home, sometimes it’s equally necessary in your mode of transferation. I work in an office environment as well, so coming into work every day with a sweat stained shirt right out the gate isn’t a nice look to adopt. But, until I could afford a new A/C for our car, I had to make the best of our situation.

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The HVAC settings in the home

My mother and father are seriously aged fashioned. When our father wanted to propose, he asked our Grandpa for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Once they were married, they wanted nothing more than the idyllic American Dream of the white picket fence and a family of four. As much as they love each other, they also bicker constantly. It’s mostly harmless and separate from malicious intent, but they do voice their disagreements loudly. One of the things they often war over is what to make for dinner. They each love something the other hates, and this results in proper argument over what they eat while together. The other thing they have never agreed on is temperature settings in the house. Like our spouse and I, our parents have a digital control machine for their central heating and cooling system. My mother always likes the condo to be on the warmer side, while our father almost exclusively wants the cooling system cranked to a cold setting at all times, regardless of the weather outside. Eventually, they resorted to zone controlled heating and cooling. My father’s office has its own ductless mini split that he can set to a cold temperature while our mother is unaffected in the residing room. Although this isn’t a perfect fix, especially since they still share a dining room at night, it has improved our father’s moods while he works or reads in his study. My mother seems to be a tiny bit happier as well, particularly pleased not having to wear as many jackets on hot summer time afternoons while cold indoors. Every little bit of change counts in the end.

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