Sleepy days with electric heater and a good book

I do like the summertime with all of the energy the tourists bring to town, but after three months of flooded streets from all the visitors I like it when it slows down and the neighborhood gets quiet again. By the middle of October it is pretty much empty in the neighborhood and will stay that way till the middle of July the following year. So it is only super crowded in the months of June and July, but when I say super crowded I am not doing it justice because it is like a circus here in town. My mini split a/c has been running already for the past month or so because my family room is consistently heating up as it is too small and heats up from my body heat. I obtained it a few months ago after my flatmate complained that she was too cold in her family room at night because I was running the main system to cool down the flat. So I went to the heating and cooling company down the road and obtained a small portable a/c system for my family room, which set me back just $230 and will spend money for itself in no time because it has a entirely high SEER rating and uses much less power than the main heating and cooling system in the flat. I will have to run the main component though when it gets entirely hot in the middle of July because my flatmate will be too hot at night for sleep. Anyway, I’m going to clean the washable filter and take a nap.

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