Spring break with my parents wasn't as much fun

My twin sister and I wanted to go south for spring break with all of our friends.

At first, my parents agreed because they thought chaperones would be one the trip.

My sister and I led them to believe that was true, but they found out the truth from another parent. When they found out there would be no chaperones, our parents decided they would take everyone in the family on a trip. Spring break with my parents certainly wasn’t as much fun as spring break could have been with my friends. My mom wanted to spend time with us in the afternoons and she wanted us to come home every night for dinner. The only good thing about my parents going to spring break with us was our accommodations. Most of our friends had to stay in really cheap hotel rooms with no free internet, poor AC, and no access to the beach. My parents decided to rent a house on the beach for our entire family. Each one of us had a bedroom of our own and we had private access to the beach and the water. The rental house had separate mini-split HVAC units in each room, so we could change the temperatures depending on our individual comfort. After the vacation with our parents, my twin sister and I decided that it wasn’t too bad to enjoy the week-long vacation with our parents. After all, we were getting ready to go to college and it was one of the last times we would enjoy a family vacation together.

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