Stick with consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance

We have been trying to get our financial footing for the last two years or so.

  • The pandemic really gutted our income and we’re still trying to make up for all of that.

We even almost wavered on an essential residential HVAC service. But we’re still doing the best we can. I’m still working from the central air conditioning at home. But I’m really thankful just to have a job even though I’m dealing with less income. My wife has also had to deal with her hours being cut but she has added a part time retail job. We’ve put our heads together in order to figure out just how to deal with the monthly budget. We had to table the plans to purchase a car. That’s because there are plenty of other things that we need money for like HVAC. Without proper HVAC, living in this region would be unbearable during the summer. We have always put a priority on residential HVAC. From making sure that we selected a reliable, efficient HVAC unit to the maintenance received twice a year. But going over the bills, my wife suggested that we dump the upcoming HVAC maintenance. We were both tempted on more than one occasion just to forget the HVAC maintenance costs. As attractive as that is, we both know that our HVAC equipment is far too essential to us not to get consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance every year. So maybe we’ll have to do without having a few lunches out and stuff like that. But we’re going to have money for HVAC maintenance every single year.

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