The air conditioning at our church stopped working last week

Last week when we were at church, the air conditioning system stopped working.

Unfortunately for us, last weekend was the hottest one that we have had so far this year! The weather started heating up even before our first service which was at nine in the morning.

By the time the choir came out in their robes, we were all sweating like crazy. They ended up taking their robes off because they were sweating so much! Not only that, but they ended up using their robes to wipe the sweat off of their faces during the last song! It was really terrible inside of the church. I haven’t been inside of a church with worse indoor air quality in a really long time. I wasn’t sure what was going on with the central air conditioning system in the building because usually it’s completely fine. The guy who takes care of the building maintenance and the thermostat settings usually does a great job. If something goes wrong with the heating or the air conditioning system, he is usually right on top of it and he will have it fixed within hours or at least within a couple of days. So I was shocked at how bad the indoor air quality was in the church last weekend. I was actually surprised that this guy had not done his job because usually he does it so well! That is when I found out that he was gone on vacation for the week. He had left someone else in charge and they didn’t know a thing about the heating and cooling system in the church.


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