The desert storm stopped the A/C from working

I am going to a new school after moving to the city! We were in a more arid area than I was used to, although I was excited, my parents had landed a fantastic opportunity, but the only condition was we had to relocate.

We packed everything, said goodbye to the people we loved and moved, but the school was one of the best in the country, and I was gleeful at the chance to attend, and it would help me improve my grades and get into a better school.

That first warm season, I opted to take some extra classes with many other students. We were in class when the dust storm blew in, and we had to seek shelter in the teachers’ lounge. The dust storm was so serious that it affected the commercial AC plan in the school. We noticed the room was getting warmer, which meant the cooling equipment was not blowing in ample cool air into the room. The teacher on duty informed us that dust storms were notorious for impacting AC systems which was the case with the school. There was nothing we could do now, but our principal took action after the storm had passed, and he got in touch with the HVAC repair and servicing supplier. Three AC mechanics arrived at the school about half an hour later to diagnose the issue. The teacher had been right because the dust storm had affected the a/c at the school. The aircon mechanics changed the air filters of the HVAC plan as well as vacuumed all the dust that had penetrated the cooling system, as they did so, the HVAC mechanics advised the principal that it was better to construct a protective covering for the HVAC unit. This would protect it from future dust storms.

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