The dogs have lots of dust and dander

I only had one dog for a long time.

  • Then one day my dog and I were out on a walk and a stray dog started following us around the park.

The dog was much furrier than mine, but it was just as friendly. I tried to find the owner of the dog, because I didn’t want to leave it in the park overnight. It was getting late and dark. I decided to take the dog home with me, but I called the pound and I placed an advertisement on lots of different internet services so I could try to find the owner. After a month, the two dogs were best friends and I hadn’t heard anything from the internet or any of my posters. The dog became a part of my family. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in the house, since I got a second dog. Some of the good changes make me very happy. My dog is a lot more calm with a friend and he doesn’t have as many bad habits like chewing the furniture or scratching the doors. Some of the changes haven’t been very good. There’s a lot more pet hair and dog dander everywhere in the house. I’ve had to start changing the air filter more frequently. In fact, I had to start changing the air filter every two weeks instead of monthly. I also purchased an air filter that is made for homes with multiple ets. The fibers are a tighter mesh so they can block more dog dander and there are small pieces of charcoal in the air filter to block smells that can linger in the house.

air conditioning filter

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