The fans and the Heating and A/C plan worked together

By doing this I even saved a couple of bucks on our biweekly utility bills

I had been having some problems with the air quality of our central heating and air conditioning system plan within our new home. The primary reason for this is because our home is built kind of oddly. The answer would be to get heating and air conditioning system with zone control functionality (also called a zoned heating and cooling system). However I do not have that kind of currency. Those zones of heating and air conditioning are legitimately high-priced. However I needed to come up with a solution that seemed to work. And that was to buy a few floor fans to help move the heating and cooling air flow around our home. This plan of mine was a shot in the dark but it legit works well, even with heating. Because it is sizzling air, and the fan will be blowing that sizzling hot air around. It worked well last Winter season and I am sure it will work just as well this Winter season. In this past warm season it was legitimately good and cooled our home very nicely when the central air conditioning system plan would come on. By doing this I even saved a couple of bucks on our biweekly utility bills. This was because it did not take as long for the apartment to reach the temp that it needed to reach in a satisfactory amount of time instead of running forever just like it had before I started using the floor fan to help the air flow spread around the house. This was such a good thing and I highly suggest it to anyone else who may have our air flow problems due to an oddball of a house!


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