The Festival of Lights Sponsors

When I first moved to my little city, I was delighted to learn that they have a Christmas festival every year in the downtown area.

Unfortunately, they joined the woke Brigade many years back, and it is now called the Festival of Lights.

Anyway, I used to enjoy going to the Christmas festival, but in about the past 10 years I sort of gave it up. It gets to be the same old thing every year, and I have arthritis so I don’t run in the 5K, I don’t have kids to take to Santa’s village, and I really don’t feel like eating a bunch of food from vendors in the street anymore. So, there wasn’t that much of interest to me. Even so, this past winter, oh, I was convinced to go with one of my friends. Well, I was super glad I did because I discovered that they not only have vendor booths, but now they have just informational kinds of boots. There was a museum booth that talked about the history of air conditioning in our state. Historians suggest that if air conditioning had never become popularized, our state would have fewer than 1/4 the number of inhabitants it has now. I believe it, because I certainly run my AC just about every day of the year. Okay, admittedly, we do have a few weeks in the winter when we do not need air conditioning. Some people will actually turn on their heater, but I have never found the need to use the furnace. Sometimes on the news they will say that we should use our heater, and we should also run a trickle of water in our Faucets, in order to keep our pipes from freezing. I have never experienced this, however. Anyway, I was happy to have educational aspects of the Festival of Lights, and the booth sponsored by one of our HVAC companies that explained the history of air conditioning in our state was extremely interesting. Not only that, they had a portable HVAC unit inside their little tent oh, so whether we needed heating or cooling we got it.

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