The hot tub was causing a short in the house

My wife and I bought a used hot tub online.

The hot tub was in really good shape, but there were a couple of electrical problems. I thought it would be relatively inexpensive to get an electrician to fix the problems, so I convinced my wife that we should buy the used hot tub. It was $1,500 less than the brand new model and the hot tub was only 2 years old. We had to hire a moving company to bring the hot tub to the house. That was another $125 fee. Once the hot tub was in the house, we said everything up and put the hot tub in the backyard where we wanted it to stay. The next day I called an electrician. I called an electrician that specializes in hot tubs, pools and spas. The biggest problem with the hot tub was the fact that it was causing a short in the house. Every time I plugged the hot tub into the outlet in the garage, there was a short that caused one of the other fuses to trip. I didn’t really want to use the hot tub until we could have the problem fixed. The hot tub, spa, and pool electrical contractor didn’t look very worried when he saw the condition of the hot tub or the fuse box. He quoted me a price of $245 to fix the problems and get the hot tub working properly. We only paid $600 for the hot tub. I certainly didn’t expect to spend half of that money to get the machine up and running. Still, between the $245 fee to the electrician and the cost we paid for the used hot tub, we still ended up saving $600.

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