The interesting talk show

I was listening to a talk show the other morning on the radio before going to work and it was quite interesting.

It was so interesting that I put it on in the car to hear the rest on my way to work.

They had a special guest on who was the owner of several heating and air conditioning companies in the state in which I live. It was really interesting hearing this guy talk about the business aspect of the heating and air conditioning business. Hearing what it all entails in running several heating and air conditioning businesses all over the state. Also how the heating and cooling home services vary from area to area. Some offer certain discounts that others do not. And this was all based on area like I was saying. I had never known anything about this or even thought anything about this kind of thing when I think of heating and air conditioning home services! I have a whole new higher respect for all heating and air conditioning companies and the owners that run them after listening to this very interesting talk show that had the owner of all those heating and cooling companies on telling the story of how he runs things and how he even got into the heating and air conditioning business to begin with. It really is an interesting world we live in out there. There are so many things we know nothing about when we think that we do!

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