The neighborhood kids destroyed my HVAC system

I don’t like most of the kids in my neighborhood, the reason is they form little gangs and go around destroying things.

Now before you go and think that I am just some old fart that is complaining about ‘those dang kids’ on his lawn, you should know a couple of things.

For starters, I’m not old, and secondly, I’m a parent myself and I love children. It is just one specific group of kids in my neighborhood that I don’t like. Just last week they completely destroyed my heating and cooling unit by bombarding it with rocks. It had dents all over it and some of the rocks even managed to get inside of it and cause a serious jam. I did later find out why they targeted my HVAC system, and I came to find out that they were not meaning to target MY heating and cooling system at all, but they were actually targeting the house of another kid that I guess they didn’t like and got my house confused for his. They got in serious trouble with their parents when they were caught. I mean who goes around destroying peoples heating and air conditioning systems anyways!? It doesn’t matter whose HVAC system it is, you don’t do that! Thankfully, I haven’t seen them since and so I’m hoping they all are being punished good. I was able to contact my heating and air conditioning company and thankfully I had a warranty on my HVAC unit. I was able to get it repaired and now I have a working heating and air conditioning system again.


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