The new heating technology is off the charts

This week is the 4th of July and I have to spend money on rent tomorrow.

I am just sliding by each month because all of my money is sunk into stocks right now and will have to stay there because it is way way down.

I’ve never seen a market tank like this for so long and it has me wondering if it will ever recover. My stock was at $21 when I obtained it, which miraculously was the highest it ever was to hit so far, and now I am resting on shares worth a mere 24 cents. Fireplace cleaning and repairs is where I made all of my money over the years and on a whim I dumped it all into this heating and cooling company thinking it was going to make me a millionaire, which wasn’t the case sadly. So now I have 20K shares, which is worth about $5K, a mere shadow of the $400K it was worth when I obtained it. My radiant heating system repair tech told me not to sell no matter what or I could lose all of my heating and cooling tech savings and be regretting selling it in a few years. I will heed her advice and not sell and just hope that she is right and the thing reuses one day because losing almost half a million bucks is not sitting with me very well as you could imagine. There are a ton of new heating and cooling heaters out there now on the market that I would like to be buying, but with all of my cooling tech money wrapped up I will just have to wait a bit.

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