There is just too much screen time in the modern era

I’ve always been vocally against all of the screen time that I see around me.

  • Everywhere you go you see people staring up at screens all day.

I tried to limit our laptop and PC use to an hour a week maximum however that all changed when the nice aged coronavirus came to the neighborhood and destroyed the get-together. I had to change tasks from teaching English in person in folks houses to online teaching. During lockdown I was teaching 13 lessons a day, several days a week and it destroyed me. Now I teach 5 lessons a day or two hours online. I’m thinking of firing up a furnace and air conditioning repair corporation because I have some extensive experience with it. My father was a condo builder and I l received a lot about maintaining houses when I was a kid. I just need to get a HVAC certification or training course so I can accomplish it legally and I’m set. This way I can avoid all of this laptop time and save our eyes from all of the terrible strain that is sited on them. I really enjoy cleaning air ducts and filters and assisting people with their pollen irritations in their home. A lot of people don’t even understand or realize that their pollen irritations are coming from inside their nice clean home. You should see the expressions on their faces when I pull out the air handler filter and show them all the grime and dust that has accumulated on it. Some of them don’t even know that they have a modern and advanced A/C filter that needs to be cleaned always.

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