Time for more HVAC ductwork repairs

I saw some friends on the beach and life is good here in this little sleepy village. I like living in a small neighborhood because you don’t get lost in a sea of strangers every time you go out for a walk. Here you can go out of your flat and within a few minutes you’ll see several people you know and you don’t feel so alone like you can in some giant cities. I am honing my skills in the band here and just living life, an entirely easy life I must add too. Space heating system repairs keep me busy with my little local company where we sell and fix all kinds of boilers and heating devices for the locals in town. This week will be a fun day with Bad Endings getting together to make some new songs for the neighborhood folks here. My friend and I will play near this giant heating and cooling system beside the local company where we jam and record. I will have to go there first on my bike before my bandmate comes to make sure the spot is empty, and if it is after that I will bring our gear and set it up to do a long recording session. The local contractor in the neighborhood may come out and play bass guitar, which would be fantastic because our songs are heating up and we need a bass to fill the bottom in. My keyboard neighbor will be here in two months and after that I will be set with our sound because she can make bass guitar sounds as well.


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