Trainer teaches me how to properly run with my dog

I got in touch with a certified fitness expert for assistance when it came to running with my dog.

When I got an airedale puppy, I had big plans of running with him every day.

I was able to train the puppy to a convenient potty schedule and eating plan. I taught him not to jump on people and to perform a few tricks. Running together turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated. I had no idea how to train him to run beside me. My dog kept racing to the end of the leash, jerking and pulling on my arm. The two of us kept bumping into each other and it was a horrible experience every time. Consulting with a fitness expert was the best decision I have made. The personal trainer works specifically with people and their dogs so they can run comfortably together. Turns out I was doing most everything wrong. I needed to purchase a special leash and harness that fits around the dog’s mouth and body. I also needed to make specific sounds for commands to alert the dog when to stop, start, sprint, slow down or speed up. I took my dog on the route and trained him how we would approach the run and where we were headed. The personal trainer was amazing at working with us. It took several weeks for my dog and I to be able to run at the perfect speed. Now we’ve learned how to properly run together, we both love it. My dog gets super excited whenever he sees me reach for the leash. He even stretches when I do before we head out the door. It is a wonderful way to bond, exercise and tire the dog out.

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