Virtual fitness class is a great opportunity

My weight gain has gotten to be a serious concern for me.

I have reached the point where I am embarrassed over my appearance.

I wanted to join a gym and workout in a group fitness class, even though I was worried about being around other people. I was afraid of being judged due to my larger size. I worried I’d feel defeated if I couldn’t complete the full workouts. I didn’t sign up in the end. Instead, I attempted to workout on my own at home. I wasn’t successful and quickly became discouraged. Due to COVID, the gyms in my local area have closed down and only offer virtual classes. This has been an advantage for me. I signed up for a virtual training session that is offered several days per week with a licensed fitness expert. The personal trainer can view my progress on a screen. However, the rest of the class also has access to her. No one can see me or is aware that I am overweight. I am relieved that I can workout and not feel self conscious. The personal trainer is great at motivating us as a group. She keeps the class upbeat and enjoyable. Not seeing other people has given me more confidence. I have no problem speaking up during the class or having a conversation with other class members. I have even made a couple of great friends. I am hoping the virtual class will be held for a few more weeks at least. I think I have gained the self-confidence to handle the whole training session without getting embarrassed. I hope to avoid feeling anxious about my size. I have realized the class is made up of really supportive people. I doubt they would be mean to me. I think they will continue to encourage me to reach my fitness goals. The group fitness class has become my favorite part of the week.


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