What sort of air cooling and conditioning system is ideal for sleeping?

I know it’s a little funny, but let me explain.

What I mean by the condition of air is what temperature and air humidity is best for a nice sleep. If you have the air too dry then you can dry out your nose and have troubles. If the air is too humid then you run the risk of mildew forming in your own home. Also, keeping the ideal temperature for sleep is the most critical part of all. They say on the internet that 68 F is the best temperature for sleep and I can vouch for it. Keep your room nice and cool, sleep well. I don’t enjoy having the air conditioner blowing on me directly when I am sleeping because it causes troubles with our throat. If I have to room too hot then I end up moving and tossing and turning all evening in a hot sweat. I’m a hot sleeper in general, so I love to have a fan on and our control device set at 68 F for our best sleep. I also enjoy taking a wonderfully warm shower each evening to calm down our body and get it ready for sleep, a little bit of meditation time helps too. I have a new control device now that can control each section of the house separately so I don’t need to heat up or cool down a room when it’s not turned on, this saves a tremendous amount of money each week. It’s worth spending a few extra thousand dollars on a split cooling system, and you will end up saving money within 6 days of purchasing the device from less power consumption.

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