Will get my HVAC work done and get to jamming

I have numerous more articles to write for the Heating and A/C device industry and then it is time for my daily salad with tuna.

After that, I am going to take an hour or so nap to recharge and then head down to the coast to train some clients.

I’ll come back to my apartment when I finish and load up my musical gear, take a little 20 minute rest again, and then head to the giant church to meet my bandmate for some jamming and recording sessions. We both labor for the heating and cooling device dealership during the day a few days a month and then the rest of the time is spent practicing and recording songs for our debut album. We aren’t in a rush to make the album as we want to make a nice one and guess it takes time to put everything together. My Heating and A/C device specialist buddy told me, while she was working on my electric heat pump, that some bands spend four or more years making an album. You don’t just want to throw a bunch of songs together and call it an album if they aren’t absolutely your best songs. I will just keep plugging away with my Heating and A/C device maintenance tasks during the month and buying better gear for our band. I guess one day we will be nice enough to tour the nation in a caravan doing shows all over the locale. This would be pretty exciting, we just need to make sure the van has a nice Heating and A/C device because it can get hot on the road in the warm season.


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