Working at the cooling corporation this week

This place reminds me a bit of my hometown where it is pretty much sunny every day of the year.

  • The only difference is here it is a lot cooler and has seasons, unlike back home where it is hot in the summer time and a bit less hot in the winter.

I feel the only cool months back home are January and February, other than that it is pretty much blazing hot year round. I moved here eight years ago to chase a dream and it has brought me so many fond memories. I’m delighted I made the move. The heating and cooling corporations in the neighborhood keep me busy doing a/c work and boiler repairs most of the year. But I only work about 15 hours a week so that I can put all my focus and energy into this music dream. Our band is pumping out songs at the heating and cooling company where we record in the back storeroom where the acoustics are good and nobody bothers us. My friend and I put out about five songs a month on average and by the end of the year will make our first album with the top ten songs from our set list. The heating and cooling contractor believes in us so much that she cut back our heating and cooling tech hours so we can pour our energy into this band and make the dream come true. What is the dream? To play in local dealers and travel to other towns doing shows and making people happy with our fun and original songs, in temperature controlled places of course.

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