Working out on the beach doesn’t go well

My fiance and I recently bought our own house.

  • It’s right on the beach and I love hearing the ocean waves.

The sound is in the background while I sleep, have my morning coffee and work. It is extremely relaxing. I appreciate being right near the water, sand and all the little shops and restaurants. I had plans of working out on the beach. I imagined going for runs in the sand and taking care of my cardio right at the edge of the ocean. However, the incline leading from the sand to the ocean is so severe that it bothers my ankles, knees and feet. Turns out, the wet sand is actually abrasive. My feet become super raw and dry. Working out on the beach is not the best ideal. Fortunately, I came across a personal training center that is just a bike ride away from our beach house. I hop on our bicycle and arrive at the wellness center in under thirty minutes. I can take one on one personal training, a group fitness class or do my own workout. The gym provides locker rooms where I can shower up and store my stuff. I can swim in the indoor pool, take advantage of the steam rooms or sit in the sauna. After a strenuous workout, I bike ride back home. Then I get the day at our little beach paradise. It really is the perfect solution to my fitness goals. I wouldn’t want to set up workout equipment in our small beach house. I think the salt and humidity would rust the components very quickly. Signing up for a gym membership makes it easier.

Local gym

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