My son is obsessed with cybersecurity

Computers fascinate me, although I don’t understand them at all.

I am a proud member of what they call “generation x” which means I was culturally aware of the development and rise in popularity of computers.

I had a childhood where the most advanced tech I had access to was an Atari, with the game Pitfall seeming to be the greatest achievement of all time. A few decades later and now computers of incredible power ride around in our pockets all day and it isn’t even a big deal. We have come so far so fast, it amazes me that cybersecurity can even keep up with every advance in interactivity. My oldest son is only 12, and has told me he wants to work for a cybersecurity tech firm and devise new ways to thwart hackers. In his estimation, the world wide web is like the wild west, the hackers are the bandits, and cybersecurity forces are like the sheriffs. That kid already knows more about firewall protection and online forensics than I ever will. Last Christmas he said he wanted access to a forensics server, and I had to ask him what it was and how much it would cost. Honestly if he is going to focus on something I am glad it is something as productive and skill-oriented as cybersecurity, because it’s a hobby that can lead to a lucrative career. I may not understand him when he starts to ramble about cloud based security, data encryption, or log management, but I sure do love to hear the enthusiasm in his voice.

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Good cybersecurity for my aunt

My Aunt Mazie is a pretty cool old lady. She writes mysteries and romance novels under a couple of different pen names, but I have sworn not to reveal her pseudonyms, but trust me you have heard of both of her alter egos before, anyway, she has honestly few people she trusts with her secret — heck, her own family doesn’t even know she is rich and famous – so she entrusted me to run her websites for her. She has two domains, one for the romance author and another for the mystery writer. She has no clue how cybersecurity works, even though she understands all too well how important it is, not just for identity but her money, too! A lot of people think that this sort of thing begins and ends with firewall protection, or maybe a VPN maintenance to keep a low profile, the truth is that if a hacker specifically targets you, then you will need high quality tech, encryption key management, operating system security, and more to keep yourself safe, and people don’t want to hear this, but the best form of cybersecurity is anonymity. If you live in a nice town and drive a junky car, you don’t need the high quality kind of security for it, because it won’t be targeted, but having a nice car draws thieves, and having a popular, lucrative website will require threat detection and strong cybersecurity. I am not strong enough of a coder to handle it all, so I work for my Aunt Mazie and a cybersecurity solutions company to manage her sites.

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Repairing HVAC is the Thing That Sticks

My best acquaintance was always experimenting with new things when the people I was with and I were youngsters; She was always interested in trying new things, however several things didn’t toil out for him; One time when the people I was with and I were kids, she thought she wanted to be some kind of swimming athlete in The Olympics, well, it only lasted maybe a week when she came to the conclusion that swimming was not for him.

She hated going under the water plus she had a few tragedies with breathing water into her nose.

One time she thought she wanted to go on the road for a living when she was planning a road trip with her family. She came to the conclusion she didn’t enjoy being on the road when she was broken down on the road with her family hanging around for roadside assistance. They were blessed because they had on hand a portable Heating plus A/C component in the car plus they were able to keep reasonably comfortable, but she still didn’t enjoy the experience truly much. I know that portable Heating plus A/C component is what surely impressed him. She remembered how lovely it was to be saved by having backup temperature control no matter where you traversed. That got him wondering about how important temperature control is in general plus then she was determined to service old Heating plus A/C units. I helped him find old window a/c units plus the people I was with and I inspected those. The two of us truly were able to repair them up plus sell them to other folks plus the people I was with and I made some money over the years; At long last, she got into a trade university plus became an Heating plus A/C serviceman. I was super happy for him because she was finally able to find her way.

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Safety and convenience on the Road

Whenever I choose to go on holiday, I always make sure to bring particular essentials with me, but I take along our trusty emergency road kit which includes a lot of essential things.

It has some warm blankets to keep hot plus to keep any of our passengers hot in case the people I was with and I cut down on the road, however I also have led flashlights with extra batteries.

There are towing chains, a small fire extinguisher, a utility knife, plus snacks like beef jerky. It’s genuinely nice to have these items, however that’s not all I have. I honestly have a few portable Heating plus A/C units that can use a charged battery. The attractive thing about our portable Heating plus A/C units is the notion that they can be recharged with a solar panel which I also keep in the corner of our trunk. I have to tell you, I have been broken down before with our trusty Heating plus A/C units plus they heat and cool so well in such a small space like our car. I was able to keep nice plus hot while I was hanging around for roadside assistance to come help myself and others out. It’s wise to have an emergency roadside pack like mine, however it’s so much better when you bring a portable Heating plus A/C component with you! I have even used the portable Heating plus A/C units for camping excursions plus they’re so nice to have. I hope others will see how wise it is to be prepared no matter what happens out there on the road. I don’t want to see folks freezing out there or roasting to death!


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I never related with my half brother when we were young, but I’m cool with him now

When I was young, my parents ended up splitting up and getting a divorce.

That was a hard time for me, but it seems like forever ago.

Eventually, my mother decided to get remarried to a guy who had a very peculiar son. I have to admit, we never really got along at first. Honestly, we couldn’t even understand each other even though we were both speaking english. This kid was extremely nerdy and he always had his nose in a book. I thought it was ridiculous that he never wanted to go outside and throw a football with me or watch any sports games with me. I actually thought I had things made because I was on the football team in highschool and I was fairly popular. I was embarrassed to even admit that I knew my half brother, but he was always there. Eventually, I ended up not going anywhere as far as a career goes and I was stuck at this lame job that I didn’t care for. On the other hand, my brother got into the HVAC industry. He was actually designing new energy efficient HVAC systems because of how smart he was. I ended up talking to him once about it and I was impressed with how much money he was making and how nice his house was. He had radiant heated floors, a nice smart thermostat, and even his car has a thermostat with voice command technology. I was definitely jealous, but I wanted to know how to be successful like him. He got into all the technical stuff with me and ended up suggesting I try going to a trade school to become HVAC certified. He said I would probably make a good HVAC technician. I’m glad he suggested that because I listened to him and now I’m making good money with a career that isn’t so boring.


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My good friend has always been brutally honest

A good friend of mine has always been somebody who always tells the whole truth. He never holds back no matter what it happens to be. He actually tried to be a lawyer a few years ago and that really didn’t work out for him. Nobody wanted to hire a lawyer that wasn’t able to tell a few lies every now and then or even stretch the truth. If he didn’t believe his clients, he would easily turn on them and that was actually bad for business. Eventually, he decided to become an HVAC technician. I didn’t know if this would be the right move for him, but it ended up working out pretty well for him. He was happy because he was able to tell people exactly what was going on with their HVAC systems and he would get on people’s case if they were not keeping up with regular maintenance and tune-ups. He even started giving me a hard time about the air quality in my house and he told me exactly what I needed to do to make everything better. I ended up having him install a UV air purification system and he even talked me into using HEPA air filters. I thought it was a little bit of overkill but he said that I would thank him when my health improved a great deal with the better air quality. He said that he never wanted to see me with terrible health complications because I was foolish and didn’t keep excellent air quality in my home. I do have to admit, I feel so much better with the air purification system and the HEPA air filters.

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Online shopping is the way to go

The internet has made shopping a whole new experience. It used to be you had to get dressed, drive to the store and look at everything in person. While that is great since you can see sizing, colors and texture, it was kind of a pain. I hated always talking to the salesperson and being pushed into purchases. I also am a person who needs to sit back and think before buying. I ended up needing to do multiple trips to the store to look at the same item. With online buying I can revisit my product on my computer everyday. I am able to research all about it and read reviews. I can see pictures, look at dimensions and for certain items get a sample sent to me. I feel this is a way better method of doing things. When I moved and needed a new HVAC company, I didn’t have to consult the yellow pages and call a bunch of dealers. Instead I started researching heating and cooling in my area. I looked up the BBB ratings, if the technicians were NATE certified and what products offered. I even got to read reviews on different platforms of each company. Once I narrowed it down to my favorite HVAC company, I gave them a call and set up an appointment. It was much more efficient and satisfying doing it this way. I felt way better calling and paying for service since I knew I picked out the best company in town. I even left them a review so other people can rest assured that they do a good job.


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The painting crew made a mess

I made the mistake of hiring a professional painting crew instead of doing it myself.

I looked into buying a paint sprayer and enlisting the help of my mother. My house is big and I have a backyard shed. I wanted the whole house painted mint green with a grey and white trim. It would be three colors, multiple coats and a lot of ladder work for two women. I decided hiring out would save time and be worth the money. Well I didn’t exactly hire the best painting crew money could buy. I sort of cheaped out on my crew. It clearly shows around my house how bad the painting job is. The painters sprayed and got it all over my windows. I have needed to use a razor blade to scrape it off. If there were bushes in front of the house, they were painted but not the part of the home they sit in front of. Another issue is that they painted all over my HVAC unit. The outdoor heating and cooling component is coated in mint green paint. They even managed to get inside of the vents. I am worried my heating and AC unit sucking up so much paint will be bad for it. Will it not run as well or have a decreased lifespan? I am almost scared to call my HVAC business and have them check it out. I am thinking I am not the first person this has happened to. I am so frustrated by the bad painting job and all the work it has cost me.
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I should replace my furnace

I realize that my furnace needs to be replaced.

It is nearly eighteen years old.

Every winter, the heater requires several minor repairs, and the cost is beginning to add up. I’ve already noticed that the monthly heating bills are higher every month. Plus the system is definitely putting out less heat, so it needs to run longer, work harder and consume more energy. There’s more dust coming out of the and the furnace is making some odd noises. The house is far less comfortable and certain rooms are down right chilly. There’s cold spots and drafts, and whenever it starts up, my family coughs, sneezes and complains of headaches. I’ve been putting off installing a new furnace because of the expense and mess. Because the old heater is still operational, I hate to give up on it. I know if I wait too long, the furnace will eventually quit and not be cost-effective to fix. It will most likely fail when the equipment is working the hardest. I don’t want to be left without heat in the middle of a winter blizzard, when the outdoor temperature is down into the negative digits. I’d then be in a rush to buy a new furnace. There’d be no time to shop around for the best model. It would be much better to schedule the replacement project over the summer. I could take my time and research different models. I know that a new furnace would save me a great deal of money every month and recover the investment. It would improve the comfort, cleanliness and air quality.


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Our car broke down with no heat

Someone driving by saw a stranded on the side of the road and called a tow truck

My best friend and I decided to attend a concert when we were 20 years old. We both had a fake ID and we were going to spend the night getting drunk with all of our college friends. My best friend and I did not anticipate all of the trouble that we would get into during that evening. We had a great time at the concert and we had a couple of drinks. Neither one of us were too drunk to drive, but we should have stayed in a hotel close to the venue. On the way home from the concert, the car broke down and my best friend and I were stuck on the side of the road with no heat. It was about 25 degrees outside and we couldn’t even let the car run. Every time we turned on the car, the engine started to smoke and sputter. We waited an hour to see if someone would drive by, but it was getting colder and colder inside of the car. Without any heat to keep us warm, one of us had to start searching for help. My best friend and I played rock, paper, scissors to determine which one of us was going to put our life at risk to find. Just as my best friend and I were parting ways, a large tow truck came out from behind the trees and rescued us. Someone driving by saw a stranded on the side of the road and called a tow truck. The Good Samaritan even used their credit card to pay for the tow truck just in case we didn’t have the money.

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