Getting lost was a blessing

Normally when you get lost while driving it is very stressful and sometimes a major danger if you end up in a bad area. However for me, getting lost a few months ago was a blessing! I was driving home from this business meeting in an out of town area I didn’t know and got lost. At first I was angry and almost freaking out about it. But then I decided to stop and ask for directions help at this heating and air conditioning dealership that I passed. This is where the blessing comes in. I had been looking for a brand new central heating and air conditioning system unit for a while, but the prices were just too high. But when I walked into this heating and cooling dealership out of town and seen the exact central heating and air conditioning system I had wanted within my price range, my jaw dropped! I went to the sales rep and told them I was lost and needed directions. But following this I mentioned that I noticed the central heating and air conditioning system sale they had going, and I asked them if I would be able to purchase it by putting a downpayment on it, and if they would actually deliver out of town for a reasonable price. I got so lucky when they said yes! So I got my directions on how to get back to my area from where I was lost at, and I made the deal to purchase the brand new central heating and air conditioning system. Things like this don’t happen everyday.
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Taking charge of the business

When you run a very small business like I do, you really need to know how to take charge of that business to keep it going.

This is me totally when it comes to my very small heating and air conditioning business I ended up running.

I originally started out as an independent heating and cooling contractor. But after business started booming, I had to hire some extra help because I could not do it all on my own. And with the money coming in from all the heating and air conditioning repairs and HVAC tune ups I was getting, I would sure be able to afford to pay some extra employees. However lately, it has become a bit overwhelming. I am trying to manage 2 other heating and air conditioning specialists while trying to go on heat and a/c repair jobs myself. I may have to either let people go or need to hire another person to take care of management while i’m swamped with assorted heating and air conditioning calls myself. This is what is known as taking charge of your small business. If I decide to let everyone go and go back to becoming a single independent heating and air conditioning contractor, it will be because it’s the best business decision for me. Not because the other heating and air conditioning contractors were bad or anything like that. They are wonderful actually. So this is why if I decide that is what needs to be done it will hurt me to do so. But again, that is just business in the heat and a/c world.


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A thoughtful donation

I have some portable space heaters as well somewhere in my large storage area.

I am someone who loves to be able to donate to the poor when I can. I am always cleaning out my storage area and giving away useful things that can help those in need. Recently, I donated 3 old window air conditioning units to my local charity. There are a lot of poor people who can not afford to have any kind of central heating and air conditioning. And while the charity that I deal with helps these people as much as they can, they sometimes run short on air conditioning systems and heating systems. I wish I could have donated something like a central heating and air conditioning system. But of course, I am not an HVAC supplier so I would not have anything like that hanging around here. Our local church though has raised funds sometimes to get some of the poor people central heating and air conditioning systems. But they haven’t done that this year yet. So I am hoping that my donation of 3 old and outdated but fully working window air conditioning system units will be of some help to someone out there eventually. I have some portable space heaters as well somewhere in my large storage area. However I have not found the portable space heaters as of yet. But when I do find the portable space heaters I will be donating those as well. I have one in my own home as an emergency back up, so that is all I need personally. Give the others to the needy.

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Not sure what’s next

A few months ago I finally retired from years of working hard. I had been working all of my life as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. In being a heating and air conditioning specialist my time was always taken up. Not to mention, I was tired on most weekends when I could have been free to have time with my family and friends. Working in heating and air conditioning repair and installation just wore me out! So believe me, the day it was time to retire I was not complaining what so ever. But the thing was, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my new found down time. I still wanting to make some side money in my retirement because after all, extra cash is always good. I had thought about doing a few different things. But one thing that never crossed my mind was doing anything having to do with the heating and air conditioning business! I will never have anything to do with heating and air conditioning ever again as long as I am alive. Other than of course fixing my own central heating and air conditioning system if it ever breaks down. That is the benefit of being a former certified heating and cooling specialist. You never have to call an HVAC company and pay large dollars to fix any kind of heating and air conditioning issues you may have. So all those years in the heating and cooling field I guess were and still will be good for something.


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I almost became an HVAC technician

I almost became an HVAC technician, but I decided not to become an HVAC technician at the last moment.

To this day, I am not sure if I am glad or not that I decided not to become an HVAC technician.

I might have enjoyed my job as an HVAC technician, but at this point, I will never know if I would have liked being an HVAC technician or not. The only reason that I planned to be an HVAC technician is the benefits. I was trying to decide between two jobs. To be honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew that I would need a certain amount of money and certain benefits to be comfortable. I had to decide between becoming a mechanic and becoming an HVAC technician. Becoming an HVAC technician had more benefits at the time and a nicer environment, but in the end, I decided that I would rather be a mechanic instead. Something about fixing HVAC units all day did not seem as fun as fixing cars all day. Still, as a mechanic, sometimes I get to fix the heating system and the air conditioner in the car sometimes, so it makes me get just a small taste of what being an HVAC technician is like. It is too late to decide to become an HVAC technician now. I love my job as a mechanic, but every once in a while, I find myself wondering what life would have been like if I would have become an HVAC technician instead. Would I love working on HVAC units just as much as I love working on cars? I know that I sacrificed benefits for a different job, but was it worth it?

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If you want to complain, then try fixing your own HVAC unit

If you want to complain about how much an HVAC technician charges for fixing an HVAC unit, then I would suggest that you learn how to fix your own HVAC unit first and try it out.

  • As an HVAC technician, I have heard a lot of customers complain that we charge too much for fixing an HVAC technician.

Besides the fact that HVAC technicians make far less than the national average salary, there are many other reasons why HVAC technicians charge so much money. As an HVAC technician, I think that it is outrageous when people complain about how much it costs to pay someone to fix their HVAC unit. It seems that they think that they know the exact value that fixing an HVAC unit should be. Obviously, even though they have never fixed an HVAC unit in their life, they know exactly how hard it is to fix an HVAC unit, and they know how much work and dedication that it took me to learn how to fix an HVAC unit. Sometimes, it is ridiculous that people complain so much about the price. Even if it takes an HVAC technician 30 minutes to fix something on your HVAC unit, do you know how much time it took to learn how to perform that HVAC repair that quickly? Do you know how much an HVAC technician has to know to even be qualified to begin learning to be an HVAC technician? We have to be very good at math and science, and we have to be willing to work in terrible environments. We work every day for little money, and people still have the nerve to complain that we charge too much for HVAC repairs. You take the time to fix the HVAC unit and tell me how easy it is.

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People are always complaining about HVAC companies

People are always complaining about HVAC companies, but they are always complaining about HVAC companies for good reason.

The reason that people are always complaining about HVAC companies is that HVAC companies are always overcharging the customers.

The sad part is that the HVAC technicians often are the ones that receive the complaints because they are the ones that are actually charging the customers for the HVAC repairs. It is a shame that HVAC companies charge so much money for HVAC repairs. I am an HVAC technician that works for an HVAC company that overcharges for HVAC repairs, so I am allowed to make the judgment call. HVAC companies charge way too much money for HVAC repairs. Just for the first hour of HVAC repairs, the HVAC companies will charge hundreds of dollars for labor, and they will continue charging those outrageous prices as the hours continue. Most people assume that this pays for the labor of the HVAC technician, but we HVAC technicians could only wish. That money goes into the pocket of the owner of the HVAC company. On top of the outrageous charges for labor, the HVAC company also charges a lot extra for the prices of the supplies needed for HVAC repairs. Honestly, it is a shame. I think that HVAC companies should make HVAC repairs affordable so that they can lose the negative connotation. I also think that the HVAC companies should also pay their HVAC technicians fair wages. I just do not know how to get the HVAC companies to change their poor habits.

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HVAC technicians do not get paid enough

Did you know that HVAC technicians do not get paid enough? I have no idea what is wrong with people, but they always think that HVAC technicians get paid way more than they actually do, and I am here to set the record straight.

Not only do HVAC technicians not get paid enough by my standards, but even by national standards, HVAC technicians do not get paid enough.

According to national salary statistics, HVAC technicians make less than the average citizen. I know that a lot of people would be shocked to find out that HVAC technicians make less than the national average salary. There is a reason why HVAC companies are practically begging for HVAC technicians. They are begging for HVAC technicians because nobody wants to be an HVAC technician. We are required to be educated, trained, good at math and geometry, and be able to work in dirty and tough environments. However, even with all of those requirements, HVAC technicians are still paid less than average. The reason that people think that HVAC technicians are paid too much is that the HVAC companies require their HVAC technician to charge a ton of money from their customers. The customers naturally assume that all of this money is going to the HVAC technician, but actually, only a small fraction actually goes to the HVAC technician. Most of it goes to the owner of the HVAC company. I wish that HVAC technicians get paid more, but I am afraid that the greedy owners of the HVAC company would do so by charging even more money from the customers, and I would not want that.


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Cooling off the kitchen.

It was such a little thing that would make a big difference.

After I graduated from high school, I worked in a restaurant part time while I went to trade school.

It was a medium sized family restaurant that served American fare. I waited tables and sometimes worked in the kitchen as a prep cook. It got really hot in that kitchen, especially in the summer, and it was miserable to work back there. The place had a decent air conditioning system, I guess, but it wasn’t zone controlled. To cool off the kitchen would freeze out the dining room and the dining room was almost always a little chilly anyways. Well, the day came when the HVAC system needed to be replaced, and a few of my coworkers and I tried to convince the owner to have zone controlled heating and cooling installed but he was too cheap to pay the extra expense. Shouldn’t the comfort of the people working in the kitchen be important to him? One of the cooks got the idea to put a window air conditioner in the kitchen and it helped a lot. And it kept the HVAC system from kicking on so much and the dining room became much more comfortable. The owner wasn’t happy with the increase in the electric bill, but the bill was high anyways so the increase was not that much. And I didn’t mind working in the kitchen anymore. The owner may have been too cheap to invest in zone controlled heating and cooling but we made the kitchen comfortable anyways.


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Extended power outages are miserable.

These poor people are extra miserable without air conditioning and their air purification system

You don’t really realize how important air conditioning is to you until you have an extended power outage in the middle of summer and you don’t have a generator. Where I live, we are prone to tropical storms and hurricanes and every few years, we get hit by something and go days without power. This usually happens during the late hot and humid summer months and living without power, and air conditioning, is absolutely miserable. We as people have gotten used to being comfortable indoors and we expect to be comfortable indoors and we tend to get snappy when we are uncomfortable, at least a lot of us do. This leads to arguments and hurt feelings. It’s at these times, when you don’t have air conditioning, that you realize that air conditioning provided more than just relief from the heat and humidity. Air conditioning also protects you from insects. The days after a storm is the perfect time for insects to breed, in an area already full of insects and insects don’t like air conditioning. Without the protection of air conditioning, bugs are everywhere. And some of them bite and sting. And, woa to the person who has allergies and depend on home purifiers for comfort. These poor people are extra miserable without air conditioning and their air purification system. Maybe someday my family will be able to afford a generator, but for now, when it comes to extended power outages, and consequently no air conditioning, we just have to deal with it. That’s just the price we pay for living here.


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