Deciding to become a personal trainer

I’ve always made physical fitness a big part of my life.

Since I was a little kid, I’ve been involved with all different types of sports.

As I got older, I got interested in all aspects of training. In college, I studied sports science, sports medicine and took every available sports and training related class. After I graduated, I tried to find a job with a professional sports team and found that the field is extremely competitive. Even trying to get an entry level job was impossible. I finally ended up working at one of the bigger gyms that is part of a nationwide chain. I liked that the gym offered every imaginable type of equipment, class and amenity. I didn’t like that there were so many people and no opportunity for one-on-one assistance. I saw a rapid turnover rate of clientele and realized that people were getting discouraged and quitting. Left to workout on their own, many of our clients lacked motivation. Some felt intimidated by so much equipment or unsure of how to go about a proper workout. When I first decided I wanted to be a personal trainer, I assumed the transition would be fairly easy. I needed to get a few more certifications, which I completed quickly. However, without my own location, I needed to work through one of the bigger gyms. Despite my experience, I struggled to get hired. I was once again fighting for a position in a very demanding field. Once I’d gotten hired, I still wasn’t free to handle my clients in my own way. I also had very few clients. The next step was opening my own gym. This was a huge investment but has fortunately proven successful.


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Covering The Heater For My Boys

For Safety I have a radiant heater in my home, and it really heats the living room well. The only thing that makes me nervous about it, is that I have 2 little boys, and if they went near the heater, they could get badly burned. I did not have a cover for the radiant heater, and I know that is something that I should have thought of when I bought the thing. I went online to this one website that has heating and air conditioning products at discount prices to see if they had any radiant heater covers available for a lower price. They unfortunately did not. It seemed that they were all sold out of the heater covers that I needed. It looked like I was going to have to take a long journey into the city to get what I needed. I really hate having to go into the city to buy heat and a/c products, but, that is the only heating and air conditioning products dealer that is closest to me. We live in a pretty remote area. Even to go buy groceries, we have to drive almost a half an hour every single time. I plan on going to buy the covers for the radiant heater tomorrow after work on my way home. That will at least make the drive not as bad, because I pass by the city usually. In the meantime, we have a gate around the radiant heater so that the little boys can not accidentally go near it and get seriously hurt!

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A Great Coupon Online

I was surfing the internet the other day, and I came across the best online coupon I think I had ever found! For a little while now, I was needing to get my ductwork and my air ducts cleaned.

  • Prices were pretty high to get all of this done.

So this is the reason I had been putting it off for a while. This coupon I found online from this heating and air conditioning provider had the deal of 70 bucks off same day air duct and ductwork cleaning services! Usually, if I have to get my ductwork cleaned, I need to make an appointment with my regular heating and air conditioning company at least a week in advance. I closely looked at the name of this HVAC provider and did some further research to find out more information about them. After reading several positive reviews on a lot of different websites, I decided I was going to give this HVAC provider a try, and cash in on that really great online coupon that I had stumbled across. I called the heating and air conditioning provider and told them where I found them, and that I had their 70 dollars off coupon for the ductwork and air duct cleaning. I asked them if there was some kind of a catch, and they surprisingly said there wasn’t! So, I scheduled them to come out the next day. I did not want to do the same day service because I was not ready to have any heating and cooling worker in my house, the place was a mess and needed to be cleaned up a bit!

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Our New Neighbors And Helping Them

The house next door to us recently became vacant.

It was a rental house, and there was always different people moving in and out of there every other year. We finally had some new neighbors moving in just the other week, after many months of no one living there. When the moving truck pulled up with all their stuff, it was huge! They must have had enough belongings to pack a warehouse! Who knows how they are going to fit all of that in the home they are renting? When the new neighbors arrived, they were unloading this pretty big electric fireplace from a pick up truck. It looked like they were having issues, because the electric fireplace was so darn heavy! I ran over to them, introduced myself and asked if I could be of help in moving this electric fireplace into their new rental home. My new neighbor was very happy for the offer, because him and his 2 sons were really having a rough time moving this thing. With the 4 of us moving this electric fireplace, we figured that it should get into the house safely and in one piece. After about 10 minutes of very hard physical labor, we ended up moving this very heavy electric fireplace into the house. We placed it right by the front window. I told them that once they were all moved in, if they needed help placing the electric fireplace in the spot they wanted to install it at, I would come over and help again.

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The Gift Was Broken

For my birthday, I got a really awesome ductless mini split air conditioning system! The gift was from my sister, because I had been telling her all about my new finished basement, and how I needed to get some kind of air conditioning down there.

I did not expect her to go out and buy me a ductless mini split air conditioning system! This was for sure the best birthday gift I had ever got in my whole life, honestly.

A few days went by, and I went to mount and install the ductless mini split. When I went to turn it on, it didn’t work! At first I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. But, this was not the case at all. The ductless mini split was actually defective! So, I had to call my sister and ask if she still had the receipt. She was upset to hear that the thing was bad. Luckily, she did still have it, and gave it to me. I went to the store where she bought it to exchange it for a new ductless mini split air conditioning system that hopefully worked. The store manager was giving me a little bit of flack for trying to exchange it, because I did not have the credit card my sister paid with. I had to have them call my sister to verify that she bought the ductless mini split, and that I was exchanging it. Finally, after about a half an hour of this nonsense, I got my replacement. I mounted and installed the new ductless mini split the next day, crossed my fingers, and this one was good!

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A Stuffy Thanksgiving Last Year

Last Thanksgiving we had quite an odd issue happen at my parents house while we were all gathered there for the holiday dinner.

We had the whole family there, and many of us had come in from out of state for the holiday.

Everything seemed to have been going great, until the house all of a sudden got really hot and stuffy! At first, we thought maybe it was from the oven and the stove cooking all the great food that was made. But nope! That was not the case at all. It turns out my parents had their thermostat stuck! The heating was cranking out pretty darn hard and it would not stop! It was making the entire house an inferno. When we looked at the thermostat temperature, it was raising up to the mid 90’s. At this point, our neighbor who was at our gathering, offered to move the Thanksgiving dinner to their house, while my parents made a phone call to the emergency heating and air conditioning repair service. It was going to be pretty expensive getting a certified heating and cooling specialist out on a major holiday like this, but it was very much needed. My parents, and none of us staying there would be able to live in such an inferno. I even offered to help my parents pay for the emergency holiday HVAC repair service. They were glad to hear that, because the price of what this was going to cost isn’t something they could handle on their own.



Boyfriend needs a few fitness classes

I would confess that I find myself nuts these days about Fitness. I hardly skit workouts no matter any situation. I run at 3 in the morning if necessary. I forgo some sleep, major events, or even a meal just to get my cardio hour in. During traveling, I find myself a hotel with a key Fitness room. I like to stay in shape and actually look good. In a single way it is actually great that my girlfriend is actually the opposite. She sleeps in Austin during my hotel workouts. While going for runs, she watches Netflix or movies. She never finds herself irritated with how she feels and looks. I do believe my girlfriend is actually unhealthy. She works totally from House online. She spends hours sitting in that chair where hobbies are actually stationary. Her heart is hardly pumping with strength training. Getting her to work out in the gym is actually impossible. She really would love us to run Fitness classes. She works out with me when I asked love a personal trainer. I can’t work out these afternoons as she doesn’t decide exactly what she wants to do. I believe it would be good if she signed up with a personal trainer, so she could work on some private Fitness classes and the trainer could actually help her learn singular exercises. It could be satisfactory if my girlfriend actually realizes that both of us could be in really good shape together. The trainer could give her Fitness classes and exercises to even do at home.

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Group physical training classes help us get beach ready

For the holidays, I decided to surprise my girlfriend with a lush tropical vacation.

The afternoon after Christmas, both of us will load our bodies on a plane and then spend two additional weeks on our beach.

That means 14 afternoons of swimsuit weather. I’m definitely not Beach ready and I don’t believe my girlfriend is either. All of us are quite soft and Pudgy in the middle, and we are hardly out of that shape. I don’t usually want to be mistaken for a whale during the trip. I would love to take lots of pictures and believe great about myself. I looked into a few different group fitness training classes. My girlfriend and I can go to the group fitness training classes together to afternoons each week for a single hour. I’m going to work with nutritional counselors as well. You can get health method from that counselor so losing weight separately can help without getting rid of many essential vitamins. I know that my girlfriend and myself could really be helpful with this. I don’t want the surprise is ruined about getting into some better shape, so I’m probably going to need to spill all of those beans. My girlfriend proves herself to be a difficult person to surprise. She also told me that these training classes and nutritional counseling sessions aren’t exactly her cup of tea. I know once she realizes that we are going on a vacation that she will want to be in better shape and work on these core progression classes.

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Bridal fitness classes is my very best gift idea

My very best acquaintance is going to be married at the end of July and I’m looking for some ceremony gifts.

I entirely have one perfect idea, but other bridesmaids will need to help me. I want to sign us up for a bridal Fitness class that is given near the core progression Center. Core progression centers are the type of personal training places that work on Fitness classes for particular needs. One specialty class works on Bridal Fitness so the ceremony celebration takes the whole class together. Some women bring dresses and basically put them on for a personal trainer so we can work out the small fat blob. My arms definitely need to be tone and I’m not sure that pudgy belly fat will look good in my dress overall either. The trainer help come up with personal fitness routines. All the Bridesmaids and the Bride of course took the class together. I’m happy to supply Lindsay with this great gift for our wedding. Once a week until the large afternoon, we’re going to go to this Bridal Fitness class. The setting is pretty luxurious and most of us can easily pay for our own experience. So I can’t spring for every single of Bridesmaids, it’s important to know if they’re willing to option up on their own bill. The gift is going to odor if Lindsay and myself don’t want to do this with other bridesmaids willing to stand at the side alone. The gift could be a great thing for all of us to do together.


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Dream of owning my very own personal training gym

I have always dreamed of owning my own gym. I am romantic for working out and actually love the great sweatvibes. A gym is actually a social experience or personal choice, depending on what each person seems to want. Most people can leave that Jim feeling actually great physically and actually mentally. I want to easily be responsible for many of those feelings. I saved up my money for many years just to get the building and devices for that space. I started to search out the type of gym so longingly wanted. There are wide ranges of Fitness chances. I could easily stick to yoga, CrossFit, or Pilates. I could help to make that Jim seem like a health club with some saunas, massage rooms, and steam rooms. I really think that going towards the personal training gear would be helpful. There is entirely a franchise that is called core progression. This franchise is actually gaining much popularity in this area. In order for me to use the core progression name, there were many rules to follow. I had my staff take classes, obtain certifications, and also become certified in CPR and AED. Additionally, I had particular Fitness devices that were only offered at this particular gym. Another large section of core progression was having to hire certified experts to run the classes. It took a very long time to meet these requirements, but now I have a core progression gym that is number one in our area. I have easily ensured that everyone walking into the front door will leave with a smile on their face.

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