Keeping active when traveling

I do a lot of traveling, both for my job and for pleasure.

I like visiting new destinations and checking out the sites.

I don’t enjoy the actual traveling to reach the location. Riding in a car, on a bus, train or airplane is tedious and aggravating. Sitting in a terminal for hours at a time is horrible. I quickly get bored. I also tend to get tired, stiff, sore and deal with headaches. I’ve found that keeping active is the best way to combat the negative aspects of traveling. No matter when I’m scheduled to leave, I make an effort to get in a strenuous workout beforehand. If I can devote an hour to stretching, aerobics and strength training, I feel more energized for the rest of the day. I need to get my heart rate elevated and work up a decent sweat prior to spending long hours just sitting and being sedentary. While I’m traveling, I take every opportunity to stand up and walk around. If I have an hour layover at an airport, I explore the terminal. I try to walk at a brisk pace and always opt for the stairs rather than taking an escalator. I also stretch my various muscles. Even if I only have a couple minutes and limited space, I use the chance to rotate my hands and feet, tilty my head back and forth and bend down and touch my toes. I do a few lunges and squats and work my shoulders. I get some strange looks when I’m contorting my body into different positions in the middle of an airport terminal or bus station, but I don’t care. It helps to avoid being in pain later on. I have also learned that I need to drink plenty of water when traveling. It’s easy to get dehydrated, which then leads to headaches.

Steam rooms

Ending up in a couples fitness class alone

When my boyfriend Kyle and I were together, we signed up for all sorts of fun couples activities. We went on a sailboat tour together, enrolled in a cooking class, signed up for ballroom dance lessons and enrolled in a couples fitness class together. We broke up a few months later, and it got sort of awkward. We weren’t overly comfortable doing the classes as a pair anymore but we were reluctant to give up on the investment. Kyle and I ended up dividing up who got to keep going to which class. He took the ballroom dancing class and used his cousin as a partner and I kept going to the couples fitness class. We had signed up for a six month block and I still had five months left to complete. Since I don’t have a sibling, cousin or neighbor who would want to do the class with me, I am the only single woman among the couples. Thank goodness the personal trainer running the class has taken pity on me. He is now my regular partner. This is both a benefit and a drawback. On one hand, I receive one on one personal attention from an expert. I am enjoying a way better workout than I ever did with Kyle as a partner. The trainer won’t let me slow down, slack off of give up. He is continually pushing me to complete one more rep, go longer, and move faster. On the other hand, I am especially sore after class. It’s typically difficult to shampoo and comb my hair. I have trouble going up and down stairs. I am hoping the personal trainer will start to like me after spending so much time together. I would be delighted if he’d ask me out on a date. Since I’m a sweaty, panting mess the whole class, I am thinking my chances aren’t good.

Personal Physical Training

Trainer teaches me how to properly run with my dog

I got in touch with a certified fitness expert for assistance when it came to running with my dog.

When I got an airedale puppy, I had big plans of running with him every day.

I was able to train the puppy to a convenient potty schedule and eating plan. I taught him not to jump on people and to perform a few tricks. Running together turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated. I had no idea how to train him to run beside me. My dog kept racing to the end of the leash, jerking and pulling on my arm. The two of us kept bumping into each other and it was a horrible experience every time. Consulting with a fitness expert was the best decision I have made. The personal trainer works specifically with people and their dogs so they can run comfortably together. Turns out I was doing most everything wrong. I needed to purchase a special leash and harness that fits around the dog’s mouth and body. I also needed to make specific sounds for commands to alert the dog when to stop, start, sprint, slow down or speed up. I took my dog on the route and trained him how we would approach the run and where we were headed. The personal trainer was amazing at working with us. It took several weeks for my dog and I to be able to run at the perfect speed. Now we’ve learned how to properly run together, we both love it. My dog gets super excited whenever he sees me reach for the leash. He even stretches when I do before we head out the door. It is a wonderful way to bond, exercise and tire the dog out.

Cross fit

Indoor and outdoor running are very different

When my friend Mary suggested we run a marathon, I was all excited.

I run every morning before work at the local gym.

I prefer a specific treadmill located right under the AC vent and close by the locker room. I run for an entire hour and I have put up some impressive times. Sometimes, I change things up and head to the gym after work. That way, I can let myself run as long as I want. I have impressive stamina when it comes to running. I assumed a marathon would be no big deal because I have run long distances without getting fatigued. What I did not realize is that marathons run outside are very different from running inside. I decided to run outdoors and see what it’s like. It had been a long time since I wore outdoor sneakers and was exposed to the elements. I quickly came to understand that there are different types of runners. I am not happy running outdoors. The weird slant of the roadside, potholes and cars were a huge problem for me. I was constantly on the lookout for mean dogs, traffic and weather changes. I didn’t have my water bottle handy the way I do on a treadmill. I also worried about needing to pee. My feet, ankles and knees started killing me after only a few minutes of running. I also sweated profusely and as a result, developed issues with acne and a severe rash. I decided not to sign up for the marathon. I will stick with my gym routine. I get a great workout running on the treadmill every day. I prefer having weather conditions under control, access to water and everything I need within easy reach.

Workout classes

Moving my bike workout indoors

One day per week, I participate in a spin class at the gym.

When I lived in the country, I had easy access to a bike path. Nearly everyday, for my workout, I would ride my bike to the soccer field. It was about a six mile ride. I could then turn around and head home or exercise at the field. Most of the time, I’d bring a jump rope, yoga mat, speaker and water with me. I’d go through cardio drills, push ups, abdominal crunches, lunges and sprints up and down the field. I’d spend about 40 minutes and then head home. It was a very beneficial and tiring workout and I enjoyed being outside. Once I received a promotion at work and was required to move to the city, I lost access to the bike path. Biking in my new neighborhood turned out to be rather dangerous. The cars don’t watch for bikers and there are no designated paths to use. I was always worried about and stopping for vehicles. There were no parks or fields nearby where I could do my cardio exercises. I ended up investing in a gym membership that includes personal training options. A few days per week I workout on my own at the gym. I enjoy running on the treadmill, pedaling a stationary bike and lifting weights. One day per week, I participate in a spin class at the gym. It is advantageous to have a professional guiding the workout on the bike and determine the inclines and resistance. I had never biked with other people before. I wish we could move the class outside, but this is the next best thing. I also get the benefit of AC and a bathroom closeby.

Yoga classes

Working out on the beach doesn’t go well

My fiance and I recently bought our own house.

  • It’s right on the beach and I love hearing the ocean waves.

The sound is in the background while I sleep, have my morning coffee and work. It is extremely relaxing. I appreciate being right near the water, sand and all the little shops and restaurants. I had plans of working out on the beach. I imagined going for runs in the sand and taking care of my cardio right at the edge of the ocean. However, the incline leading from the sand to the ocean is so severe that it bothers my ankles, knees and feet. Turns out, the wet sand is actually abrasive. My feet become super raw and dry. Working out on the beach is not the best ideal. Fortunately, I came across a personal training center that is just a bike ride away from our beach house. I hop on our bicycle and arrive at the wellness center in under thirty minutes. I can take one on one personal training, a group fitness class or do my own workout. The gym provides locker rooms where I can shower up and store my stuff. I can swim in the indoor pool, take advantage of the steam rooms or sit in the sauna. After a strenuous workout, I bike ride back home. Then I get the day at our little beach paradise. It really is the perfect solution to my fitness goals. I wouldn’t want to set up workout equipment in our small beach house. I think the salt and humidity would rust the components very quickly. Signing up for a gym membership makes it easier.

Local gym

Meeting new people through fitness classes

I earned a promotion at work.

The new job title required me to move to an area where I did not know anyone. I was concerned over how I would manage to make new friends. The office setting is always hustling and bustling. It is a challenge to find any opportunity to chat with coworkers, meet for drinks and make friends. I needed to find friends elsewhere. I started thinking over what type of people I would best connect with. I don’t want friends who only want to hang out at bars all the time. I was uncomfortable attempting to make friends with a waitress or someone I saw at the grocery store. I found that signing up for a group fitness class was the best option. I invested in a gym membership and enrolled in as many classes as I could work into my schedule. I take a yoga class, spin class and a kickboxing class. I have met several guys around my age in the kickboxing and spin class. I am close to considering a few of them actual friends. The yoga class is mainly women. I have a girl that I have been chatting up and hoping to ask out on a date. The social benefits of the fitness classes are why I originally signed up. I have realized that I’m enjoying the physical rewards and having something active to do. It is a break from work and makes me feel good about myself. I have more energy and sleep more soundly at night. The cost of the class is negligible for what I get out of it.
Physical Training Programs

The HVAC guy wrecked my HVAC!

My partner and I moved into our home 6 years ago.

The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component was around 10 years old.

That is a long time, but not too much in the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C world. I read that with good maintenance it could live to be about twenty years old. Rather than hire out Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service, I took care of the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C upkeep on my own. I cleaned, oiled and tightened all loose parts. I mucked out the condensate drain, washed the cooling coil and lubricated the fan belt. I did it all plus the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worked wonderful. Last year my partner decided to have a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professional do the service. She saw an article on the importance of Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service done by a real licensed contractor. She insisted that the job needed to be done by someone other than me. I finally gave in plus let my partner have the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professional come in. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C guy came and went. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C no longer worked after he left. On a 90 degree afternoon all of us did not have AC. I tried to fix the concern and I couldn’t. I then had to call the guy back into our home plus he told me our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C device was totally shot. He couldn’t make a repair to save it. I needed to buy a brand modern A/C system. I was not happy to say the least. I ended up paying for A/C service, a brand new device and babysitting the replacement job because I didn’t trust the guy. I have a brand modern A/C device plus nobody but me will touch it.

HVAC brands

How to stop my AC from freezing

My partner and I have an air conditioner that just keeps freezing over.

  • Every Summer all of us know that one afternoon the home is going to be warm and stuffy.

Then my partner will inspect the outdoor device plus find a huge chunk of ice… Online says that your Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component must be entirely gross. Both of us have used an air compressor to blow all the dirt out of it. I have replaced the air conditioning filter, cleaned the inner workings plus even called a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business. It doesn’t make a difference, all of us are getting the frozen A/C device regardless. The last time all of us had a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company come over I asked if there was a part all of us could replace to stop this issue. I was willing to spend a lot of cash to not deal with an icy unit. The guy told me that the device was so old, making an update on it would be idiotic. He said our a/c was on its last breath. He commanded just waiting it out, not switching a thing. He said when it dies, just buy a brand new unit. For now, he told me to take a hair dryer plus melting the ice off the device when it happened. So for years now that is what my partner plus I have been doing. Both of us have joked that all of us have the Anthony Hopkins of the a/c units. He is seasoned but totally dependable. I believe that A/C device is going to outlive my partner plus I. Both of us will need to just thaw it out every year plus not demand too much cooling from the unit. Then all will be well.

Commercial HVAC for sale

Beach life isn’t easy on AC

My partner and I do the snowbird thing.

We have a little beach shack down south that is just perfect for the numerous of us. I prefer our tiny kitchen, brick floor living room plus rustic looking lavatory. I don’t worry about having a totally washing house, weeding my gardens or it looking totally modern anymore. The beach shack is where all of us go to kick back. However, since all of us live near the beach, there is a lot of damage. The salty air entirely wants to rust things. The metal garage door is basically a huge red mess. The switch plates, fan blades plus all other metal inside the home is wrecked too. The worst is the a/c. It is always filled with mold, mildew plus rust. I have tried washing it, bleaching the inside plus mucking out the condensate drain. It always looks gross, leaks water plus is not legitimately good at cooling anymore. I have been looking around online because I want to buy a modern cooling system. However, I don’t want to buy a device that will rust in the next few years. I want to have something that can withstand the salty air conditions. There must be something meant for beach life. There must be additional devices that can limit the musty, salty air from leaking into the beach shack right? I have been asking around because I believe I need to find a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business that can handle the work. They will have seen our issues before for sure. I want a hearty, tough A/C device.



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