The new HVAC system at the office included high MERV air filters

We work in one of the best companies in the country. As sales and marketing executives, part of the mission is to ensure the company always has a good reputation. Our clients come to us for assistance and also because we’re known for quality products. Since we have to remain motivated, the management always does a review after three months. This includes the entire sales and marketing department to ensure everyone is happy with their jobs. The other day we had a meeting, and a few colleagues were absent. There had been an issue with the office’s air quality, which made most people sick. We often spoke to the management about servicing the air conditioning systems to guarantee better air quality. Plus, we wouldn’t mind if they added air purification units. The management assured us that regular air conditioning maintenance does happen. However, they would speak with the commercial HVAC installation and service company about it. In the end, the management held a meeting with a team from the HVAC company and concluded. They would use a new commercial HVAC system to serve the entire building. In addition, the company assured us that we’d get MERV filters with a high rating. These were better built to service the offices and deliver good air quality. While this was good news, we wanted to wait and see if the results were good. We couldn’t help but notice the suggestion of a whole-building air purification system wasn’t addressed. Later, we realized modern air conditioning with better quality air filters made all the difference.

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My neighbor was in desperate need of AC repair

I have this neighbor who welcomed me with open arms the first time I moved into the area.

  • She is a lovely old lady who was once a teacher but now is retired.

My neighbor has lived alone since her only child passed away a few years back. However, despite being in her 70s, she is quite non-disabled and has no problems living independently. Still, she reminds me of my mom back east, and I have made it my responsibility to look out for her. The other day, I went to the grocery store and also had a list from her. After shopping, I dropped by to bring her the groceries and noticed her home was hot. It seemed the AC unit wasn’t blowing ample air into the house. This was causing my friend to rely on her fan, and she even had the windows wide open. She explained that she had contacted the AC business about this matter the previous day. They assured her an AC worker would come by to check out the problem with the AC unit. But, up until that hour, no one had knocked on her door. I had to explain to my friend that it was important to explain that she was older and really needed excellent AC service. She wanted to argue against preferential treatment, but the unbearable heat made her see sense in my argument. My neighbor phoned the AC business back and informed the person on the call she was 75 years old. This produced results since about 30 minutes later, we saw an AC van pull up in her front driveway.
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The house needed a new HVAC system hence the price

My sister was in town to look at some houses, and I was happy to accompany her.

She was relocating to my area after receiving a great job offer.

Now, we would get to hang out even more than we do. Thanks to our parents ‘ guidance, we’ve been close since we were kids. They said it was okay to get annoyed, fight and even not talk, but we should never allow resentment to grow. It’s okay to take time to cool off, but reconciliation was a rule at our home. This is an example we saw in our parents, and it’s why their marriage has lasted for more than 4 decades. The houses we went to see were not too far from my place, and there was one that stood out. Despite it being in a lovely area, the price was a bit low because it requires a new HVAC system. If my sister bought the house, she would have to cover the cost of buying and installing a new heating and AC system. We spoke about this matter with the HVAC corporation that works on the units in my home. I wanted to see if there was any chance my sister could get a good deal. There was a deal since my sister came to the business as a referral from me. The HVAC corporation gave my sister 40% off the cost of installing the heating and AC systems. In addition, she got 10% off the price of buying the 2 units from the HVAC vendor. All this translated into a good chunk of change which she would use for another project in the house.


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I couldn't picture myself living in the woods

Who lives in the woods? Certainly, not me! I was against living anywhere without a coffee shop or mall within walking distance. This was all I knew since I was brought up in the city. When all my friends were happy to go camping in the woods, I always had a terrible time. So, in college, I chose to go to parties and places with lots of lights. Even when I opened my business and moved into my first apartment, this went on. However, a friend convinced me last year to go to this lodge that was opening in some remote area, and I loved it. It shocked everyone when I bought a cabin nearby and relocated since all my work was online. The cabin is excellent and comes with a modern heating and AC system. This part of the country is remote and gets lots of snow each year hence the need for a top-notch furnace system. Apart from that, I have an AC unit that cools the cabin in summer. My friends and family always love to come and stay in the cabin, even during winter. I managed to get excellent heating and AC systems and install radiant heated floors all over, including in the bathrooms. All this work was done by a company specializing in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair in remote locations. They understood the needs of cabin dwellers in such locations and were a great recommendation by the lodge owner. My HVAC installation took some time to complete, during which I got to sample the service at the lodge. It’s just as good as the owner loves to tell anyone who stops by.


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Houseplants were an excellent addition to the apartment

I had to find my place because living with 3 roommates was driving me up the walls.

  • When I moved to the city to start a new job 5 years ago, I knew no one.

So, when the chance to live with 3 other city dwellers came along, I jumped at it. The girls are great, and we have seen each other through alot. Plus, they helped me navigate the big city and meet new people. But, like life, change is necessary, and it comes with growth. I knew after 5 years it was time to move on, and all the butting heads we did was a sign. It took about a month to find an affordable and good apartment to move into. However, my biggest compromise with this space was the air conditioning. There just never seemed to be enough cool air coming from the vents. Several times, I spoke to the building manager about hiring an HVAC technician to inspect the air conditioning. But, he kept saying the landlord would take care of it. Finally, I was sitting sweating in the apartment one hot summer and chose to do something different. Mom had told me about window AC units and ductless mini-splits. I went online to learn a bit more and liked ductless mini-split ACs since I could hire someone to do HVAC zoning for me. When the ductless mini-split AC was set up, my entire apartment felt amazing, and I was finally enjoying it. Plus, I added some plants, which the HVAC technician told me were good for excellent air quality.



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The cooling system wasn't blowing cool air into the beach house

About an hour and a half passed before the HVAC expert arrived at the house to inspect the spoilt cooling system.

I never knew it would be so much fun living by the beach. I always saw such places as vacation homes that remained empty for most of the year. This is why we chose to go there for vacations and remain in the city for most of the year. However, last year, we came across a lovely beach community. The whole area was full of retirees living in beach houses, and there was one up for sale. We got to mingle with locals, and by the end of the 2-week stay, we had made up our minds to move there. Now, we are living our dream and participating in lots of volunteering and community workshops. Last Monday, I was at the community center when my partner called to discuss the cooling system. I had left early in the morning and didn’t notice any issue with the house’s air conditioning. He told me the cooling system wasn’t blowing cool air into the house. It seemed it was time to call in the local HVAC expert to come and take a look. Since I was busy, my partner took care of contacting the HVAC business in town for assistance. About an hour and a half passed before the HVAC expert arrived at the house to inspect the spoilt cooling system. We needed to resolve the matter since living by the beach without proper air conditioning is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, the cooling system only needed a new air filter and cleaning of the evaporator coil. No major repairs were necessary.


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There was mold and mildew in the ductwork

Hillary was gone longer than he expected.

But, there was a disaster where he visited, which halted flights and all access routes out of the country.

What was meant to be a 1-week vacation lasted 3 weeks! Hillary longed to sleep in his bed by the time he got back home. He had left his AC unit running on vacation mode since he knew he wouldn’t be gone for long. But, one thing Hillary skipped before leaving was getting proper AC maintenance. He assumed the unit would be fine since he was only going away for 7 days. When he got home, the smell from inside the house was enough to alert him to an issue. The AC unit had stopped working during his long stay away from home. There was a muggy and foul stench in the house that he didn’t like. Hillary flung all the windows open as he spoke on the phone with someone working at an AC business in the city. He booked an appointment for later in the day so that his AC unit could receive some necessary inspection. The AC expert who came was professional, and Hillary told him about leaving the unit on vacation mode. He also explained his delayed return and how he found his house without any air conditioning. The AC expert checked the entire system and came across mold and mildew in the ductwork. However, the air conditioning had stopped working because of a clogged air filter preventing proper airflow into the house. The best thing to do was to conduct thorough AC maintenance and ductwork cleaning to restore proper function.


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It's not safe to run an air conditioner without an air filter

My grandpa is one of those stubborn older men that you see in the movies with a scowl on their face.

He’s been this way ever since I could remember.

I used to ask mom why grandad was so grumpy, and she’d laugh it off. Later, she came to tell me of a few unfair things that happened to him in his life. Every incidence seemed to take away his joy until all that was left was the scowl on his face. Despite his un-approachable demeanor, I always had fun visiting my granddad. He always tried his best to smile and have some joy when I was around. I recall one summer he called mom demanding I go visit him, so she drove me there. When we got to the house, mom noticed the air quality wasn’t the best. It seemed the cooling system was working, but there was dust all over the house. Mom asked grandpa if the house cleaner came around, and he replied with the usual grunt. He informed mom that he had removed the air filter from the cooling system. The air filter prevented cool air from flowing into the house due to its old age. Grandpa added that he had ordered new air filters, but these were yet to arrive. This was why he was running the cooling system without an air filter, hence the house’s dust. Mom didn’t like that at all since It’s not safe to run a cooling system without an air filter. So, the next morning she went to an HVAC shop in town and got a carton of air filters.


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This was Emily's first time seeing scented air filters

Emily had to do something about the sad state of her home, or she was going to lose it. Since she was a kid, she always had lots of people around. Emily grew up in a big home with many family members and pets. But, after college, she found work in a new city and had to live on her own. At first, it felt good to be independent and have her own space. However, she started feeling lonely and longed for some company. While speaking to her dad, he suggested she adopt a puppy, kitten, or both. Emily ended up adopting a puppy and kitten who filled her home with love and all manner of odors. Emily did everything she could to keep her air fresh, including often servicing the HVAC system. But, the lingering scent of pets was hard to beat. She spoke with her HVAC professional, who came to service her system, about possible options. The HVAC professional suggested trying out scented air filters. Not many manufacturers made them, but the scented air filters would keep Emily’s home smelling fresh. Later that day, she searched for scented air filters and found some from a company not far from her state. Emily placed an order and was eager for the scented air filters to arrive. If these proved ineffective, she’d have no choice but to pay for a whole-home air purification system. The HVAC professional had also suggested it, but it wasn’t cheap. Emily said she’d try out the scented air filters first. She’d opt for a whole-home air purification unit if these didn’t work out.
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We had no idea why the heat pump was leaking

The HVAC company sent an HVAC worker to the condo an hour later who observed set COVID protocols.

When my sister lost her job, I didn’t want her to be alone. She has a history of depression, and one of the triggers is failing. She loved her job, but the pandemic forced her boss to close shop for good. This left my sister unemployed, and I didn’t want her to go down the rabbit hole. So, during one of our calls, I suggested she come quarantine with me in my condo. My home is big, and she loves my community, so she moved in two weeks later. I knew having my son around was a good distraction as we planned for the next step in her career. One afternoon, we played hide and seek when my son came back wet. He told me he had slipped and fallen on some water leaking from the heat pump. My sister and I were shocked and went to check on the heat pump just to be sure it was the source of the water. Sure enough, the unit was dripping water on the floor, and there was a puddle with skid marks there. We had to call the HVAC company immediately since we couldn’t stay without air conditioning. It was summer, and the heat was unbearable, to say the least. The HVAC company sent an HVAC worker to the condo an hour later who observed set COVID protocols. We let him do his work, and he noted the drainage line was clogged. The algae would prevent proper moisture drainage from the heat pump. It didn’t take long for the HVAC worker to unclog the drain line and restore proper function. His policy was to do the best job in the least amount of time to prevent any risk for all of us.


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