Getting some a/c service soon

The days are getting entirely long now as we near the longest day of the year around July 21st.

This week is July 4th so we are entirely close to it already with the sun setting around 8:30 pm and the sun not fading away till almost 9:00 pm.

I have noticed that I sleep a lot better in the winter season though because I get to bed much earlier and sleep a lot better as a result. I will just have to work it out though because there is not much I can do about the long days. Cooling down my room at night is important because when the weather is heating up like this my room can get unbearably hot for sleeping. I keep my room at 68 F and sleep entirely well when it is around that temp, but without any air in my room by the time morning comes it is close to 68 F from my body heating up the small family room. I have a good little mini split a/c component that does a fantastic job of cooling down the room but it is going to need some service soon as it has been a while since the heating and cooling tech was out to repair it. I noticed a small leak under the component and am wondering if something is jammed or dirty, but I will leave that to the pro when they come out and take a look at the unit. I bet the cooling contractor will be able to fix it the same day they come out.

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The new heating technology is off the charts

This week is the 4th of July and I have to spend money on rent tomorrow.

I am just sliding by each month because all of my money is sunk into stocks right now and will have to stay there because it is way way down.

I’ve never seen a market tank like this for so long and it has me wondering if it will ever recover. My stock was at $21 when I obtained it, which miraculously was the highest it ever was to hit so far, and now I am resting on shares worth a mere 24 cents. Fireplace cleaning and repairs is where I made all of my money over the years and on a whim I dumped it all into this heating and cooling company thinking it was going to make me a millionaire, which wasn’t the case sadly. So now I have 20K shares, which is worth about $5K, a mere shadow of the $400K it was worth when I obtained it. My radiant heating system repair tech told me not to sell no matter what or I could lose all of my heating and cooling tech savings and be regretting selling it in a few years. I will heed her advice and not sell and just hope that she is right and the thing reuses one day because losing almost half a million bucks is not sitting with me very well as you could imagine. There are a ton of new heating and cooling heaters out there now on the market that I would like to be buying, but with all of my cooling tech money wrapped up I will just have to wait a bit.

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Sleepy days with electric heater and a good book

I do like the summertime with all of the energy the tourists bring to town, but after three months of flooded streets from all the visitors I like it when it slows down and the neighborhood gets quiet again. By the middle of October it is pretty much empty in the neighborhood and will stay that way till the middle of July the following year. So it is only super crowded in the months of June and July, but when I say super crowded I am not doing it justice because it is like a circus here in town. My mini split a/c has been running already for the past month or so because my family room is consistently heating up as it is too small and heats up from my body heat. I obtained it a few months ago after my flatmate complained that she was too cold in her family room at night because I was running the main system to cool down the flat. So I went to the heating and cooling company down the road and obtained a small portable a/c system for my family room, which set me back just $230 and will spend money for itself in no time because it has a entirely high SEER rating and uses much less power than the main heating and cooling system in the flat. I will have to run the main component though when it gets entirely hot in the middle of July because my flatmate will be too hot at night for sleep. Anyway, I’m going to clean the washable filter and take a nap.

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Time for more HVAC ductwork repairs

I saw some friends on the beach and life is good here in this little sleepy village. I like living in a small neighborhood because you don’t get lost in a sea of strangers every time you go out for a walk. Here you can go out of your flat and within a few minutes you’ll see several people you know and you don’t feel so alone like you can in some giant cities. I am honing my skills in the band here and just living life, an entirely easy life I must add too. Space heating system repairs keep me busy with my little local company where we sell and fix all kinds of boilers and heating devices for the locals in town. This week will be a fun day with Bad Endings getting together to make some new songs for the neighborhood folks here. My friend and I will play near this giant heating and cooling system beside the local company where we jam and record. I will have to go there first on my bike before my bandmate comes to make sure the spot is empty, and if it is after that I will bring our gear and set it up to do a long recording session. The local contractor in the neighborhood may come out and play bass guitar, which would be fantastic because our songs are heating up and we need a bass to fill the bottom in. My keyboard neighbor will be here in two months and after that I will be set with our sound because she can make bass guitar sounds as well.


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A couple more heating and cooling technology stories

I will work for ten more minutes and after that I have to eat something before I pass out.

I like a good Red Lady apple with some kefir in the morning to wake me up and fuel me for a while for the morning.

I want to see how busy it is out there on the streets because last month was quite slow in our neighborhood for the month of July already being here. I bet a lot of people will come to visit this week because last month was a bit gray and rainy and it was pretty slow most of the day. Air conditioning is now a must pretty much all the time because the heat is now here, and air purification is also needed because there is a lot of pollen floating around from the oak trees that are blooming. I also take some dust sensitivity pills to combat my flu symptoms but I don’t like to rely on them too much each day. I’d rather run my new heating and cooling air purifying system to keep the indoor air quality good in this flat. I am listening to our new songs and they make me smile while I am typing because they are kind of funny yet still sound pretty darn cool I must say. I like working as a cooling contractor, along with playing in the band, because it gets me around some cool people while I work on their heating and cooling systems in their homes. I also get to tell people about our band and spread the word about the new sound we are making.

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Ready for some good and cold temperature control

Working online this morning is a bit slow with my brain being in a fog from a heavy night of sleep.

  • Either that or my brain is sleepy from not sleeping enough, but I am not sure which it is so I will have to wait a bit and wake up first to tell.

Sometimes I sleep entirely well and wake up still dopey from being in such a deep sleep, while other nights I toss and turn and wake up feeling dopey as well. I hope it is the former because I need energy later for drumming. Working on the fireplace last night kept me up kind of late, but I want it not for heating the flat but for some good ambiance when my heating and cooling rep lady comes over tomorrow. She has been away working in another neighborhood and we haven’t seen each other for almost a week now. She was working on some boiler troubles with one of our commercial heating and cooling clients and it took longer than she expected. It is funny how you get used to living with someone and when they are gone you feel a bit lost and lonely. But she’ll be here tomorrow in front of the fireplace with me eating some breakfast and enjoying the natural temperature control of the breeze that passes through our flat each night. It won’t be long though before that breeze is gone and the real heat comes in, which warrants the use of our main heating and cooling system to keep us cool for the hot summer time season. It should be a fun one though.
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Keeping cool with good air conditioning

I am plowing through my Wednesday workday, a day when most people are reading the paper or chilling out on a beach somewhere, but I work seven days a week and think about it this way because it gives me structure each day and has a momentum of its own that makes it easy to repeat each day.

I woke up kind of early this morning with songs going through my mind, which is pretty much the MO every morning and night when I am sleeping, or trying to. I guess songs aren’t such a bad thing, but good temperature control is a fantastic thing in my room as my a/c keeps me cool and comfy so I can rest the best. I know that a cold sea swim is just around the corner and will wake me up quickly once I plop my hot body in the cold water. Then I’ll come back to my temperature control and my work and knock it out in another hour in my office with its new HVAC duct system. My friend and I just had the ducts run to my office, which didn’t have any before, but it has been getting too hot in there to work so I got the duct installed recently. Now I have good heating and air in the office and the rest of the flat, keeping us all comfy with good indoor air quality. I have to get the component tested this coming month because it hasn’t been touched in a few years I bet. The heating and cooling tech is entirely good if it’s the same one as before.


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Working at the cooling corporation this week

This place reminds me a bit of my hometown where it is pretty much sunny every day of the year.

  • The only difference is here it is a lot cooler and has seasons, unlike back home where it is hot in the summer time and a bit less hot in the winter.

I feel the only cool months back home are January and February, other than that it is pretty much blazing hot year round. I moved here eight years ago to chase a dream and it has brought me so many fond memories. I’m delighted I made the move. The heating and cooling corporations in the neighborhood keep me busy doing a/c work and boiler repairs most of the year. But I only work about 15 hours a week so that I can put all my focus and energy into this music dream. Our band is pumping out songs at the heating and cooling company where we record in the back storeroom where the acoustics are good and nobody bothers us. My friend and I put out about five songs a month on average and by the end of the year will make our first album with the top ten songs from our set list. The heating and cooling contractor believes in us so much that she cut back our heating and cooling tech hours so we can pour our energy into this band and make the dream come true. What is the dream? To play in local dealers and travel to other towns doing shows and making people happy with our fun and original songs, in temperature controlled places of course.

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Happy Tuesday edition to that local business

We want to thank the church store where the priest lives and lets us play songs without being bothered by the cops.

My friend and I have just one spot left where we can play songs and they don’t stop us, which is in the back of the church where the pastor lives and the thrift store is situated. The pastor is so good and told us to keep playing but to please not play late, which is fine with us and besides, we don’t want to have a pastor mad at us, that wouldn’t be good, the local company where the priest lives above is open on weekdays and has good a/c where we can escape the heat when we are playing. My friend and I will play later this week so I need to focus on my online work and get it done so I have it all finished before we head out on the street to jam. I work at the heating and cooling company tomorrow so we can’t stay up too late tonight playing with the local company where we like to play. My friend and I will play for about two hours tonight and I hope my shoulders are going to hold out and still be good tomorrow for the HVAC duct that I have to do all day. It isn’t easy working on air ducts if your shoulders hurt, so I can’t play too much tonight or tomorrow is going to be a long day toiling on the commercial heating and cooling system for a customer. I feel the job will take two days and after that I can focus on the band again.



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Listening to funny songs and cooling down

I just spent the past hour and a half working on songs online and now I have to switch hats and begin this work, however I’ll have to rest my eyes some because there was some intense screen time working on the songs this morning when I woke up.

Most of my energy goes into this band and who knows if it is going to go someplace but you have to try right? We’re just making a whole bunch of songs and seeing which ones stick, which is the only way to entirely know which are good.

My a/c system is now cooling me down while I do this work for the next few hours in my temperature controlled office where I can work in peace. Music is like a giant deep rabbit hole that consumes your whole life if you want it to, which is fine with me because it brings me joy. Working on heating and cooling systems at the heating and cooling company can be kind of boring when you’ve done it for several years like I have, which is where songs come in. Music brings me hope and just makes me feel good, so why not do it all the time? My new contractor associate is just as consumed with it as I am while she tries to run the heating company and keep her band going. I guess eventually I’ll just do the songs thing and will have to stop with the heating and cooling tech work and all the local company stuff so I can make this dream a reality.


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