Installed terrarium, but heat lamp is too hot

My oldest brother was recently on an exotic trip to the bahamas, where he somehow managed to catch two small geckos and transport them home safely. He was really proud of his new little friends, but then faced a problem upon arriving back to the states; where was he going to keep them? He went out and bought a small terrarium for this purpose, which came with an appropriately sized heat lamp. At first he didn’t notice a problem, but over time it became apparent that his prized terrarium set up was negatively impacting his indoor air quality. First of all, the little animals were surprisingly dirty, and he felt like he needed additional air filtration to remove the particulates that were floating through his indoor air. Secondly, the little lizards required higher humidity in their cage, and somehow the excess water was drifting into his own breathing air, requiring him to buy a dehumidifier for the room. Lastly, he noticed later that the air temperature itself was being impacted by the heat lamp they needed. He found that his air conditioner was working harder than usual to keep the apartment at a comfortable air temperature, and his energy bills were increasing. He tried to raise the thermostat to save money, but then the house was unbearable for him without the AC running as often as it needed to be. After a few months of this he realized it was illogical to keep pouring money into these free pets, and rehomed them to someone with a more efficient HVAC system.




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