Owned too small of an air conditioning unit

When I moved from my last apartment into my new residence, I took very few possessions with me. This is partially because I don’t own much, and also because I dread the hassle of hauling big items around. The one item I was certain I needed to make arrangements for was my air conditioning unit which had been cooling my apartment effectively for the past two years. I loved that little AC machine; it was quiet and reliable, and hardly cost me any money to power over the entire summer. I eagerly installed it in my new place, and was prepared to enjoy the same level of indoor comfort as before. Instead, I found that my air conditioning unit was running louder than ever before and my rooms weren’t reaching the air temperature I hoped for. My energy bills were through the roof after my first month living there, and I could only imagine it was due directly to my stressed out air conditioner. I found out that the unit was not meant to operate in such a large space, and there was a lot of excess heat there due to being on the top floor. As such, the little AC unit was running nonstop trying to combat the radiant heat from the sun. It started making chugging noises one day, and I knew it was time to pull the plug. I purchased a larger AC unit and begrudgingly had it installed by an HVAC professional. My energy bills and indoor air quality have improved exponentially ever since.

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