Starting a new cleaning service business

The past year has been difficult.

I think everyone can agree that the pandemic has caused a lot of stress and inconveniences. I’m thankful to have not gotten ill. My family has remained healthy. However, I’ve still struggled. I was employed as a manager at a local restaurant. The restaurant was very popular and successful. I was good at what I did for a living. But the pandemic required the owners to close and they couldn’t afford to reopen. I was suddenly unemployed. I needed some way to make a living. I decided to start our own cleaning service. This idea was the result of a lot of debate and research. I realized that home and business owners were extremely concerned with cleanliness and hygiene. Having been involved in the restaurant business for many years, I was absolutely knowledgeable in cleaning requirements. When I started to consider how I could make a living, a cleaning business sounded like a great idea. I invested into some specialized equipment and products, then posted my services for hire online. It was quite easy to get started. I offered carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, window washing and all of the basic cleaning tasks. I was amazed at how quickly my cleaning business took off. Before long, I was working full time and seven days per week. Initially, the money wasn’t quite at the level of my job as a restaurant manager. I was also working really long hours. However, I’ve slowly recovered my investment and begun to make a decent profit. Plus, I appreciate the ability to set my own hours. I like being my own boss. I have now acquired a few commercial cleaning accounts. I am now getting to the point where I need to hire part time help. It’s surprising to have a successful career as a cleaning service business come out of my unemployment. I’m thankful that my cleaning services are in demand.
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