Zero cool air

I am now living in the south, so every church I have ever been in in this state has had air conditioning, then i would never have ever thought that any church could exist separate from air conditioning, in fact.

  • I was proven wrong, I guess.

I went on a little pilgrimage to a northeastern village that I have always wanted to visit, and that is where I discovered that there are lots of churches that do not have air conditioning. I was a bit taken aback to learn that they simply never wanted to spend the money to install air conditioning. I am one hundred percent certain that it is not even legal to build a building in our state separate from having plans for a/c included! Anyway, the matriarch of an old family neighbor passed away, and I made the trip up north to attend her funeral. I arrived, wearing a long-sleeved blouse, which was a fatal error. I had no proposal that there would be no air conditioning in the church, now mind you, this was not some tiny little church in some backwater place. It was a wonderful large church that has been in that same spot in the early 2000’s! There are numerous very prominent families who belong to this church, too, and it is surprising to me that the pastors never advocated funds from the parishioners so they could install a/c. They do have a furnace because it is in the northeast, so they need heaters! Let me inform you, it was not fun going to a funeral in a crowded church in the warm season separate from a/c!


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