A client from a different HVAC provider

It had been such a busy week, and I was exhausted by the time Friday rolled in.

I wake up every day to go to the HVAC business because I love and enjoy my job as an HVAC professional.

We all get exhausted from everyday activities but keep pushing because of our passion. On Friday mid-morning, we received a call from the commercial HVAC provider in town. They had a customer who had come to inquire about replacing his HVAC unit. The customer said that the current HVAC was still functioning but inefficiently. They connected us to the homeowner so we could make arrangements with him directly. I asked the homeowner what he wanted from his new HVAC equipment so that I would be able to figure out what he wanted. From his explanation, I knew the quality HVAC that would best suit him. I also told him about the smart thermostat that would go well with the quality HVAC equipment. He picked an HVAC brand, and we set a date for his HVAC installation. He could not wait to finally get help with indoor comfort since the air quality in his house had deteriorated. As the HVAC repairman in charge of the installation, I told him all about HVAC maintenance and why it was necessary. During the tenure of the last system, he needed to take servicing seriously, which is why the equipment had so many problems and eventually stopped working. The whole process went by seamlessly, and the client was very impressed. We also involved him every step of the way; through that, he learned a lot.



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