I originally wanted to be a heating and cooling specialist

This completely changed the direction my life was, and for a while I went into a deep depression and I isolated myself.

I had my entire life planned out in front of me. From a young age growing up, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. After watching my father do countless heating and cooling repairs, and having several family members be in the A/C industry as well, I knew that I was destined to be in the HVAC career field as well. I already knew exactly how things would go, I had a plan A, and if that didn’t work then plan B, and if that didn’t work, guess what? I had a plan C. However, even if you plan every minute detail of your future life, that doesn’t mean that it is going to happen that way. My life is a great example of that. After I graduated high school, I immediately enrolled in HVAC university, and was fulfilling all of the plans I had prepared. I was close to halfway done through university when it happened, an accident that would forever change my life. I traveled to university on a bicycle, and on one fateful day, I was hit by a car. After that, I was paralyzed from the waist down, and even with therapy my legs didn’t respond. This completely changed the direction my life was, and for a while I went into a deep depression and I isolated myself. However, I realized that I was going to be stuck like this, and so slowly I forced myself back out into the world. Nowadays, I have a website dedicated to heating and air conditioning and learning about it, and I write about my favorite topic every day. Life may not always turn out the way you planned, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end.



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I used to watch my dad repair HVAC units

As an adult, there are many fine childhood memories that I have.

Looking back to a much simpler time, it is amazing how much things have changed.

One of the memories that stick out to me is watching my father repair heating and air conditioning units. You see, he worked as a heating and cooling technician for a HVAC company, and so seeing him repair HVAC devices wasn’t all that uncommon. I remember being utterly fascinated with watching him work on those HVAC machines, and I could easily spend over an hour just observing. I knew for sure that I wanted to become a heating and air conditioning specialist just like him when I grew up, and I made sure to watch and listen closely whenever he was working and trying to teach. There was actually one time he was allowed to bring me to his workplace, and I really got to see what being a heating technician was all about, it was definitely one of my favorite days back then. I remember thinking I definitely wanted to be a cooling tech when I grew up. However, when I hit my teenage years and tried repairing cooling devices myself, I quickly realized that although I have my father’s looks, I don’t have his HVAC talent. I couldn’t repair HVAC machines at all! My dad told me I would improve, but after several months of working, nothing changed. I have kind of grown to dislike working on and repairing things now, and I am glad I didn’t become an A/C worker, although it was fascinating to watch as a kid, things are different now.

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My HVAC corporation’s smart strategy

I have to admit, the heating and cooling company that I work for is pretty smart, they always have a way of keeping customers interested.

Of our entire city, the A/C corporation that I work at is by far the most successful, and after I started working there, it was easy to see why.

Whenever a new product or HVAC equipment comes in, the business manager would immediately put it up for sale for a slightly higher price on our heating and air conditioning website. However, he would only keep it up for a few days, before taking it off, making it seem like the HVAC technology was out of stock. This would make it seem like that particular item was in high demand, and so after a week or so, the manager would put it back on the market and this time at a reduced price. So this would not only cause a lot of people that were wanting that heating and A/C product to immediately buy it, but anyone else who was on the fence about buying the A/C equipment, seeing the reduced price would also immediately want to buy it before it goes away. It took me about a year or so of working here before I learned the strategy, and now that I have, I have to admit it works well. A lot of people impulse buy whenever they see good deals, and it really keeps the HVAC corporation I work at very successful.



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I was tired of my thermostat having problems

I’m not really sure what has been going on with my thermostat recently.

It has been having a lot of problems, and if I am being honest, I kind of wonder if I messed it up.

So I have had this thermostat for several years without issue. The thermostat is the dial thermostat kind, not anything super fancy. However, one of my friends, who has a smart thermostat, was asking me how to install their smart thermostat and was wondering whether they should have a heating and cooling professional do it for them. I told them they didn’t need to have a HVAC tech do it for them, and that it was incredibly simple. I showed them by removing my thermostat and installing theirs. I then removed theirs and gave it back to them. While I had my thermostat removed though, I had placed it in a bad spot. I put it outside, and in my area it is known for having high humidity. I kind of wondered if the humidity messed it up, because now it is showing a partial blank screen. My house also has issues with humidity, but usually I can control it with a dehumidifier as well as keeping my cooling unit running. However, I am a little late to getting my dehumidifier out this year, and so the humidity is higher than usual. Anyways, I decided that I should just go ahead and buy a new thermostat. I am thinking of going for a smart thermostat. I have heard a lot of great things about those advanced smart thermostats.


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Heating and cooling can be tiring

I know we have all had points in our life where we just get tired of some things.

As much as I love being a heating and cooling technician, sometimes it can be really tiring.

And sometimes I find myself regretting my choice of becoming a heating and cooling specialist. The reason is because a lot of HVAC technicians work long hours, I know I do. The heating and A/C corporation I work for is known for having its professionals work long into the night. I am one of the A/C technicians that is usually on the nightshift. This means that I don’t get home until much later, and by then, most of my family already had their dinner and is ready for bed. I end up missing out on all of the action that goes on at home, and I feel like I rarely see my own family anymore. The thing is, I wouldn’t want to give up being a HVAC technician, even if it can be stressful sometimes, because my job is pretty nice and simple, and it pays well. It can sometimes be overwhelming, and I need to find a way to work around that. Since I don’t want to quit being a heating and A/C specialist, I have decided that I might start looking around at other A/C companies in my area. The one I currently work for is the only one that is open so late, so maybe if I find another job I won’t have to work such long hours at this one.


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Pet ownership and the benefits of HEPA air filters

Pets can make life happier.

That is a simple fact.

Some might say the more pets, the happier you are. That’s my philosophy. I currently have two cats, three dogs, and a parakeet. They definitely make life more joyous and less stressful. The problem is I am susceptible to pet dander when it comes to my allergies. I must be crazy for having that many animals in my house, right? Well, I would be, but I have ways to mitigate the havoc that they could potentially wreak on my sinuses. For one, I use HEPA air filters. These air filters are more advanced than the garden variety ones. They are able to catch larger particles and irritants in the air, most notably those caused by pets. There is another advantage to HEPA air filters. Despite the fact that they are more advanced than regular ones, you do not need to change them nearly as often. Common air filters should be replaced once every 60 to 90 days, but HEPA air filters do not need to be changed for up to 6 to 12 months! Whether you lean closer to 6 or 12 months depends on the intensity and frequency of pollutants in your air. Because of the amount of pets I have, I typically do not allow 8 months to go by before I change the HEPA filter. Even if I did not have as many pets, I think I would continue to stick with a HEPA filter because of how pure the air feels thanks to its work!
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No air conditioner during hurricanes leaves me sleepless

The ceiling and electric fans certainly don’t work either during such times, now do they? You may think to yourself, why don’t you use a generator? Well, that’s because I can’t afford one

Hurricanes can be a real pain in the butt. Thankfully, how violent the season will end up being is often over-forecasted. Every now and then though, you have a storm that ends up being pretty powerful and rolls right up and bashes my hometown hard. I don’t really worry about any major structural damage, because my home is largely made of concrete. I don’t worry about not being able to travel around my town due to flooding or any other hurricane-related hazard, because I already stay home most of the time anyway. It’s losing electricity that I can’t stand! Specifically, I dread losing my climate control system. A cool house is extremely necessary for me to sleep well. Unfortunately, hurricanes don’t have a tendency to come around in the cold months. This means that when my power gets knocked out, I know I’ll have to try and sleep with no air conditioning, which is almost impossible for me. The ceiling and electric fans certainly don’t work either during such times, now do they? You may think to yourself, why don’t you use a generator? Well, that’s because I can’t afford one. Any generator that will be large enough to power my HVAC system will cost several thousand dollars that I don’t have on hand. Maybe I’d be able to afford a generator if I didn’t spend so much money on my energy bill. However, I really love climate control! If there’s a chance that I won’t be able to use my air conditioner one or two weeks out of the year because of potential hurricanes, you can be sure that I’m going to take full advantage of it the rest of the year!

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I refuse to get central heating despite living in a very cold climate

Most people would be considered crazy for living in an extremely cold climate without having central heating.

It turns out, I get by just fine without it.

For one, my home is small, though it isn’t cramped. There’s plenty of space for one person. This ultimately means that it doesn’t take all that much to heat the entire place. For example, I have a fireplace in my living room/library. When the fire is roaring, the living room and the adjacent kitchen are plenty warm. Other than that, I only really require two other heat sources. I have two portable space heaters, one for my bedroom and one for the guest room, which I rarely ever use, because I’m a recluse like that, but at least it’s there. I also have a couple of electric blankets on hand, just in case. I remember when there were power outages during the winter a couple years back. I made due by basically living in my living room and always having a fire going in the fireplace. That’s why I believe it’s a good idea to have such things as fireplaces, even if you do have central heating installed in your home. That’s also why I haven’t bothered to invest in a generator. My fireplace is more like a full-on hearth, and I can cook food using it, if I really wanted to. So yes, I save a lot of money by not relying on a central heating system. Still, my way of life is a bit too austere and rugged for most people, so I understand their desire for such creature comforts and convenience.
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Humidifiers can relieve you of dry air in the winter months

Harsh winters can bring a lot of annoying things to deal with.

Snow can be pretty when it’s falling, but it can also get really annoying really fast when you have to shovel it off your driveway on a regular basis.

The flu and all manner of illnesses seem to gain strength during the winter months as well, causing everything from runny noses to congestion, coughing, and fevers. Then of course, there is the notoriously dry air that accompanies the winter months. Some people deal with this as a matter of course. Others know that the winter is time for lotion and moisturizers to be slathered on generously. However, humidifiers may be an easier, less expensive way to ensure that your skin doesn’t end up so dry during the winter months. Humidifiers can reintroduce the necessary moisture levels into your home to make it a comfortable place once more. Humidifiers can be small, portable units, but there are also humidifiers that are meant to be installed alongside your HVAC system and work in conjunction with it to provide you comfort. At the end of the day, there’s not much you can do about any other environment when it comes to humidity level, but at least you can be comfortable with the proper moisture levels in your own home. The price for a whole-home humidifier varies greatly depending on a variety of factors. They can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. If you’re tired of dry air in your home, talk to a local HVAC technician today about installing a whole home humidifier.


When to call in a professional for your HVAC system

Plenty of people out there are extremely frugal in everything that they do.

This can most certainly be a positive thing.

People who manage money well will certainly be able to rely on a healthy-sized savings account when an emergency arises. They can also potentially have far more financial freedom than those who have not learned to be responsible with their money. However, the desire to save a buck may manifest itself in more destructive ways. For example, people who like to save money may want to tackle a job that is best left to a professional. I believe that the vast majority of people should rely on a professional HVAC technician for any and all things HVAC related. It is conceivable that some people may have just enough know-how to perform certain simple tasks on their HVAC unit. It is, however, the more complicated things that are best left to a professional. If you’re not a handyman at all, and you’d still prefer not to spend money on a regular HVAC maintenance plan, you’re in for a shock, eventually. Quite simply, you’ll end up paying more money on machine parts that will break down in a much more spectacular fashion than they would have, than if they had been regularly maintained. Therefore, HVAC system owners should do themselves a solid favor and invest in a high quality, reputable HVAC company in their local area. It is best to rely on a professional to install the climate control unit and maintain it throughout its long life. It actually won’t have a long life otherwise.


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