I Needed an Annual HVAC Service Plan

Taking care of my HVAC system is at the bottom of my priority list.

I know it should be at the top, but I rarely think about my HVAC system.

I have a smart thermostat, so it manages my furnace and air conditioner more than I do. The smart thermostat programs itself to keep my home comfortable based on my temperature preferences, which means that I don’t have to alter things myself. I rarely change the temperature on the thermostat and I rarely think about my HVAC system unless the HVAC system sends me an alert to my cell phone. I hire an HVAC professional at the last minute each season, because it’s something that never crosses my mind. Why would I have to think about my furnace or air conditioner if my smart thermostat handles things for me? However, during my last HVAC service appointment, the HVAC professional recommended that I sign up for their annual HVAC maintenance plan. It included two HVAC service appointments plus 10% off all repairs and parts. Being a part of the annual HVAC maintenance plan also meant that the company would contact me to set up my HVAC service appointments before the busy season hit. I would have priority access to the schedule and I would never miss an appointment because I had called too late. When I realized that I’d be able to take care of my HVAC system without having to remember myself, I signed up right away! It wasn’t that expensive either!
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