Wish the temperature control would show how much I was paying

Well, the temperature was pretty nice a few hours ago, but now it’s getting a little bit too hot outside so I am going to turn on my a/c device once again plus pay the power supplier’s my hard earned currency.

I would love to actually know how much it costs per hour to run my air conditioner device, that way I can get a grip on my spending each day so I truly know if I am spending too much on my climate control in the household! What they need is some kind of meter that shows how much currency you are spending when your air conditioner device is turned on, however maybe they can incorporate that somehow into the smart thermostat’s functions so we really know precisely how much we’re spending for the month.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not be surprised when your power bill comes each month? Usually the surprise I get is not a sizable surprise, because I was using my heating or cooling too much for the previous month or multiple. Of course, there must be a way for the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C companies to build a smart thermostat so that it knows how much currency you are spending while you are running the a/c or heating, plus to display it for you in real time so you actually know precisely how much you are spending. I guess this is doable plus maybe this is something we will see in the next few years if we are completely lucky. Or even better, all of the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C devices in the future will be green plus will not use any power at all. This would make all of the local suppliers considerably happier too.

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