I almost didn’t make it home for Christmas this last year

I was devastated when our connecting flight back to my house was canceled this past Christmas Eve, as I was out on business in addition to I was looking forward to getting back to be with my family for the holiday… When I called up my fiance, she said I had to be there no matter what. She didn’t care that the flight was actually cancelled, she said I better go hitch hiking or fly akin to superman in order not to disappoint the children. I truthfully didn’t suppose what to do. It wasn’t as if I could simply hire a personal pilot or anything akin to that; fortunately for the inconvenience, the airport provided me a voucher for a nearby hotel. I was able to get some much needed sleep. Then I had a nice meal on top of that; but the heating in addition to the A/C system in the hotel room was awesome, letting me rest up a little bit. Then I saw that there was a automobile rental contractor that was still open up until 11pm on Christmas Eve. I decided to run over there to rent a car. I didn’t think about renting a automobile before, but then I realized that I could just drive back home! It would be an 8 to 9 hour drive, even though I would be able to make it there by Christmas day. So I basically just ditched the hotel which I didn’t have to pay for anyway in addition to I hopped into the automobile in addition to driving for hours without stopping. I was impressed by the weather conditions control system in the car. The car furnace was working entirely well in addition to there being heated seats; even the steering wheel was heated so our hands were not cold! Everybody was so cheerful to see me on Christmas day in addition to all the presents were waiting under the tree to be opened.

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