Improving our family’s health with HVAC

We decided as a family that we weren’t going to let all the challenges and changes due to the pandemic ruin our year.

While it was not the most fun to be inside the security and HVAC comfort of home so much, we managed.

And we did so collaboratively. It became clear that my wife and I were going to be working from home. That also meant that our paychecks were going to be a bit less due to cuts our companies made in order to survive the crisis. Then, it was the kids who were joining us inside the HVAC as it became clear that learning remotely was the way it was going to be. So, we all decided that we would deal with the changes as best we could. However, we also decided that we would utilize this time inside the HVAC of home to improve our health. To that end, we put together a home gym and we started doing outdoor exercising as a family as well. It seemed logical to me to take our health a step further with some changes to the HVAC. I learned how important good indoor air quality is to our overall health. It’s also particularly important to our immune response. And there has never been a more important time to have a strong immune system. To that end, I chose to spend a little money and have a whole house air purifier installed. Not only do we now have the best indoor air quality possible but the air inside our home is crisp and smells so good.



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