The hotel food was mediocre, but the heater worked well

We were thankful that the heater worked well

My favorite time of the year is fall, because that is the time when the leaves change colors. They are usually green, but during the fall, they turn colors like red, yellow, orange, and gold. My wife and I love to go to the country house when the leaves are changing colors. This year we were having some renovations performed on the house, so we decided to stay at a small hotel on the coast. My wife and I didn’t want to miss our favorite time of the year, even if we couldn’t be home. The small hotel on the coast had great reviews, so my wife and I were not particularly concerned about our accommodations. When we checked in, the staff member was friendly and courteous and offered to take our bags up to the room. We didn’t accept the offer, but it was still nice. We decided to order food from the hotel and it was mediocre at best. I got a steak with a baked potato and some broccoli and my wife got a piece of baked salmon with herb rice. I’ve had better food at a diner, so that wasn’t my favorite part about our stay. The heater certainly worked well. It was very cold outside and the temperature hovered around 40 degrees most of the time we were there. We were thankful that the heater worked well. Honestly, between the food and the heat, I would much rather have good heat and mediocre food. We didn’t go hungry and we didn’t freeze at night either.

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We found a way to help others with our fortune

I was truly blessed when I was younger.

I was abandoned when I was only three years old, but I was adopted by a very wealthy family in town.

They took pity on me and brought me into their life and their home. I could never have asked for a more loving mother and father. My mother died when I was twelve. She had cancer and it took a long time to take her life. My father couldn’t stand the thought of living without her, and he decided to end his own life five years later. I was devastated when my mother and my father were both going but they left me a fortune and a legacy. My dad owned a very large company but produces heating and air conditioning equipment. When my dad took his life, I suddenly became the owner of this heating and air conditioning equipment company. It was a multimillion-dollar company and I wasn’t ready to be a leader at 17 years old. Thankfully I had a couple of great mentors that helped me do great things with the money. We set up a nonprofit organization and we provide heating and air conditioning equipment to low-income families that cannot afford replacements. We also have a special fund for non profit repairs and this is done at the discretion of each branch manager. My mom and dad gave me a brand new lease on life and I’m doing my best to pay it forward. I just wish they were here to share all of these memories with me.

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The cows seem to be happy with the ventilation fans

I applied for several different farm hand jobs and a couple of people offered me a position. I decided to start working for a man that was in his sixties and in need of someone that could really take charge. The guy gave me full reign over everything and he told me to make some changes if they were necessary. I knew that we would have a successful relationship working together, because the guy really respected my honest opinion. One important change that I saw was absolutely necessary was adding some ventilation fans to the cow barns. The temperatures are getting warmer and warmer every year and it’s important that the cows aren’t too hot when they are outside during summer days. I spoke to a guy in town that installs heating and cooling equipment in farm applications. We have been friends for about twenty years and I knew he would give me a great deal on the materials and the labor. We worked out all of the details and the farm owner paid the fees. I had the ventilation equipment installed a few weeks ago and I think the cows are much happier. I put a thermostat in the barn before we installed the ventilation fans and the temperature was 81 degrees in the shade. Now it’s 73 degrees in the shade and there are several areas where the temperature is even lower. I’m moving on to some bigger changes now, like adding a second barn so we can start training some foals for show. I think this farm can be something great if we work hard.

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I was trying to stay calm, but I was overwhelmed

My wife and I got divorced about 10 years ago and we parted ways and did not talk to each other for a long time. Things were better when we broke up and neither one of us ever apologized for doing everything we could to hurt each other. I never thought I would run into my wife by accident, but I did one day. It happened last week and it was the strangest and most unique situation. I was working on Tuesday, when someone called the HVAC repair service for help with an air conditioner problem. I was the next person in line for a repair job, so I went to the address on the repair ticket. The name of the person that made the call was on the top of the repair ticket. I certainly didn’t recognize the name, because my ex-wife was now remarried and had someone else’s last name. When she answered the door, I knew it was her. She recognized me too. I was trying to stay calm, but I was totally overwhelmed. I honestly didn’t know if I should laugh or cry and I really didn’t know what to say. Thankfully, she broke the ice by smiling and wrapping her arms around my neck for a big hug. I saw that she would still be hateful and angry, but she looked thankful and happy to see me. We chatted the whole time that I was working on the air conditioner problem. I’m glad we had a chance to reconnect, because it’s nice to know that she is doing.


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I just bought a new condominium and I’m making upgrades each month

It has been a long road to become a homeowner. My parents never owned a house, they rented from childhood until they passed away seven years ago. It was the only lifestyle that I ever knew. At the back of my mind, I knew that I was wasting money by renting homes indefinitely. Likewise, I didn’t want to be trapped in a huge monthly mortgage payment. In my high school Business Technology class, we spent as much time covering predatory loans as we spent learning typing. I wanted to secure a fixed rate mortgage with the lowest interest that I could possibly find. This is a lot easier said than done, especially when interest rates are naturally higher during certain years over others. But I knew my diligence and determination would eventually pay off. I found a great condominium with free water and cable. It seemed like the perfect fit for my new home. After securing a mortgage with enough money to pay for improvements, I realized that the condo needed more work than I thought. I upgraded all of the appliances between the kitchen and the laundry room before realizing that the air conditioner is too old. It was installed over 20 years ago, regardless of whether or not it works. I ended up calling several HVAC dealers to get the best price quotes on a new system. My appointment for the new air conditioner installation is set for Friday next week. They’re installing a traditional split style heating and cooling system. Inside the air handler is a heating coil that functions as a central furnace. But since I live in the south, I only rarely use indoor heat.

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My wife is pregnant and having constant hot flashes even though it’s October

My wife and I are expecting our first baby next May.

  • Somedays it feels like I’m caught in a perpetual whirlwind.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to have children, but I don’t have a choice anymore. I have to mature as quickly as possible, especially so my wife isn’t bearing all of the responsibility for taking care of our child. Getting therapy in the past year has helped tremendously. It’s helpful when you start to understand your last and how it all coalesces to inform your day to day psychology. I never realized until embracing therapy that I had a chronic anxiety issue from early childhood that never improved. Like many people, my mental health issues increased with age. My early 20s were rife with substance abuse and struggles in college to maintain my grades. I got a grip on my academic troubles eventually, but it took a few years to quit self-medicating with alcohol. The therapist gave my information to the in house psychiatrist so the doctor could prescribe me an antidepressant for my anxiety and depression symptoms. Now I finally feel like I’m getting readier to be a father. My wife on the other hand is struggling with her pregnancy. Even if we keep the temperature on the air conditioner below 66 degrees in the house, she still gets hot flashes at random times. I don’t mind running the air conditioner this low as far as the electricity bill is concerned, but I’m freezing so much I have to wear a thicker sweater around the house. My wife tells me to turn up the temperature when she sees me shivering, but I insist that I can put on more clothing to get comfortable while she’s still hot even if she’s naked.



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I moved out with my immature roommate

This really irritated me, because I was trying to save up to go to college, and everytime he kept the cooling unit on all day and night, that was less money going towards my future and instead going towards another bill

Some people never grow up, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I moved into the adult world, that there would still be people who act like highschoolers. My roommate is one of these people. I like my roommate overall, he is a nice dude but he is insanely immature. I originally moved in with him because I trust and know him, and I dislike sharing a room with random strangers. However, his antics quickly became too much. Not only did he laugh at inappropriate jokes and proceed to make other cringey inappropriate jokes, but he would do things like set bottles on fire and kick them across empty streets. Something you would expect from bored teenagers, not from a fully grown man! I know they say boys take longer to mature, but he is way overdue. The things I mentioned are just a fraction of what he does on a daily basis, but if I started listing them, I would be here all day. He was incredibly irresponsible with things like the HVAC unit as well. Leaving the A/C on all day and driving up our bills which were hard enough to afford as it was. This really irritated me, because I was trying to save up to go to college, and everytime he kept the cooling unit on all day and night, that was less money going towards my future and instead going towards another bill. Not to mention, I’m sure that is really bad for the HVAC component in general. I decided that I am going to move in with my cousin.

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I wanted to be a musician

I remember all of my younger years spent fascinated by musical instruments.

Music has and always will stand out to me as something beautiful.

Music manages to move the soul in ways that are almost unspeakable. I had a major fascination with everything involving music, and I was always either listening to music on my MP3 player or learning an actual instrument. I learned piano, guitar, violin, bass and drums of all of the popular instruments. Then I learned a few less popular instruments like the kalimba and flute. I dreamed for a long time of becoming a musician, and I started my own musical track. To my happiness, when I released my track, I did get some fans, but it wasn’t enough to support me. I was running out of time, so I had to choose a career. I ended up settling for a HVAC certification, even though I would have liked to go for a music degree. My parents discouraged me though, since they weren’t sure how well I would be able to get a job with a music degree. So right now I am a HVAC technician employed at a local HVAC business, while my job pays well and I am happy overall, the feeling of being empty remains from not playing music. I decided that I would still work as a HVAC serviceman to appease my parents, but I would start practicing as a musician again on the side. I am hoping one day when I get a lot of fans, I can support myself enough off of my music alone.

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The painting crew made a mess

I am distraught my heating plus A/C unit sucking up so much paint will be bad for it

I made the mistake of hiring a professional painting crew instead of doing it myself, and i looked into buying a paint sprayer plus enlisting the help of my mother, my home is sizable plus I have a backyard shed. I wanted the whole home painted mint orange with a grey plus colorless trim. It would be several colors, multiple coats plus a lot of ladder work for two girls. I decided hiring out would save time plus be worth the money! Well I didn’t exactly hire the best painting crew money could buy. I sort of cheaped out on my crew. It clearly shows around my home how bad the painting job is, but the painters sprayed plus got it all over my windows. I have needed to use a razor blade to scrape it off. If there were bushes in front of the house, they were painted however not the section of the apartment they rest in front of, and another issue is that they painted all over my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit. The outdoor heating plus cooling component is coated in mint orange paint. They even managed to get inside of the vents. I am distraught my heating plus A/C unit sucking up so much paint will be bad for it. Will it not run as well or have a decreased lifespan? I am almost scared to call my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company plus have them check it out. I am thinking I am not the first person this has happened to. I am so annoyed by the bad painting job plus all the work it has cost me.



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Online shopping is the way to go

The internet has made shopping a whole current experience.

It used to be you had to get dressed, drive to the store and look at everything in person.

While that is fantastic since you can see sizing, colors and texture, it was kind of a pain. I hated consistently talking to the salesperson and being pushed into purchases. I also am a person who needs to rest back and believe before buying. I ended up needing to do several trips to the store to look at the same item. With online buying I can revisit my product on my tablet everyday. I am able to research all about it and learn reviews. I can see pictures, look at dimensions and for certain items get a sample sent to me. I feel this is a way better method of doing things. When I moved and needed a current Heating & A/C company, I didn’t have to consult the green pages and call a bunch of dealers. Instead I started researching heating and cooling in my area. I looked up the BBB ratings, if the servicemans were NATE certified and what products gave. I even got to learn reviews on different platforms of each company, and once I tighted it down to my number one Heating & A/C company, I gave them a call and set up an appointment. It was much more efficient and satisfying doing it this way. I felt way better calling and paying for repair since I knew I picked out the best company in town. I even left them a review so other people can rest assured that they do a fantastic task.

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