The HVAC heat pump gets it done for every season

I live in a region that comes with a lot of upsides.

The people are great, the culture is welcoming and the food is the best in my opinion.

There also happens to be lots of great weather here as well. We experience four seasons here but the winter is nothing like what the folks up north deal with. We don’t have HVAC furnaces running near non stop to just keep us from freezing. And we very rarely see any snow. Maybe a bit of ice or freezing rain from time to time but nothing much more than that. While we have a more mild variety of winter than our neighbors to the north, our winter still requires heat. Thankfully, we have a very versatile machine that both heats and cools our home. And it does so in a very efficient and ingenious way. I’m talking about the HVAC heat pump. This machine really is a marvel but often gets taken completely for granted. That’s ashame because how it works is pretty amazing. During the summer, the heat pump starts the cooling process by removing heat energy from inside the house. This makes way for cooler air that comes in behind it. Then when we flip the thermostat from cooling to heating, the heat pump responds right away. It simply reverses refrigerant flow to now extract heat energy from the outside air and bring it inside. It can do this alone down to temperatures in the mid forties. When it gets colder, there is an electric grid that provides supplemental heat energy for heating the house. The heat pump really is the machine for all seasons.

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