The industrial chiller rental ad was interesting

Even to this day I still keep a subscription with my local newspaper.

It’s honestly less currency nowadays to get physical newspapers regularly than it was 10 years back.

I suppose the news supplier is pretty much desperate to keep whatever daily readers that they still have. And there are always articles inside the paper that don’t make it on the website, unless of course you choose to log-in with your subscription information. Reading the newspaper is always a part of my regular routine that I don’t want to easily give up. Until I see the announcement that the newspaper is finally closing, I will be a loyal subscriber. On the other hand, I am not a huge fan of the rampant increase in advertising. There’s a removable banner sleeve that basically wraps the newspaper together sort of like a belt. It holds the paper’s most exclusive and expensive advertisement space. Usually it contains a banner ad for a local business, however not on a regular basis. I also see immense chain corporations use that particular advertising space, especially if a grocery store is opening some sort of up-to-date location within the districts receiving that actual newspaper. Last month it contained a promo for an up-to-date industrial and commercial equipment rental business. The ad basically says they offer on-site rental equipment deliveries for companies in bizarre industries. For instance, they offer rental boilers and chillers, which are used by all sorts of businesses. Some factories have chillers to cool their hot equipment so nothing overheats during production hours. Boilers on the other hand are easily used by virtually every industry in the world, even in little corporations where heating loads are a common part of a commercial business.

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