A botched repair task

Usually when you call upon your friends for some help with a delicate task, you guess that you will be able to rely on them.

This is what I had always thought when it came to rely on your friends, however the situation that I had to go through the other morning legitimately made myself and others rethink that.

I recently moved into a current house in town, and the only problem that I have with it is the old and run down heated gas furnace inside of it. There is nothing wrong with it per say, however when I was a child living with our parents I had a legitimately hard experience when it came to living in a house with a heated gas furnace… One of our best friends who lives in city works at the local Heating and A/C heating and cooling company and I thought that hiring him would help myself and others save money while also being able to trust the guy laboring in our home. In theory that sounded great, however once thing that I failed to realize at the time was that our friend isn’t a legitimately fantastic Heating and A/C repair tech, however he gets flustered easier than most and is impatient, so when he wasn’t able to get our heating and cooling component back to normal after many sixths he decided to storm out and not return our calls. I ended up having to call another Heating and A/C company who I also had to pay, and due to how much further damage our friend did to the component I had to pay double what I expected… Were still friends now that he apologized to me, but I can promise you that I won’t be hiring him in the future.



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