Beach life isn’t easy on AC

My partner and I do the snowbird thing.

We have a little beach shack down south that is just perfect for the numerous of us. I prefer our tiny kitchen, brick floor living room plus rustic looking lavatory. I don’t worry about having a totally washing house, weeding my gardens or it looking totally modern anymore. The beach shack is where all of us go to kick back. However, since all of us live near the beach, there is a lot of damage. The salty air entirely wants to rust things. The metal garage door is basically a huge red mess. The switch plates, fan blades plus all other metal inside the home is wrecked too. The worst is the a/c. It is always filled with mold, mildew plus rust. I have tried washing it, bleaching the inside plus mucking out the condensate drain. It always looks gross, leaks water plus is not legitimately good at cooling anymore. I have been looking around online because I want to buy a modern cooling system. However, I don’t want to buy a device that will rust in the next few years. I want to have something that can withstand the salty air conditions. There must be something meant for beach life. There must be additional devices that can limit the musty, salty air from leaking into the beach shack right? I have been asking around because I believe I need to find a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business that can handle the work. They will have seen our issues before for sure. I want a hearty, tough A/C device.



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