I just wanted to take it easy with my family after a hard day

I often have to be perfectly patient and kind, even when I don’t really want to be.

  • It is a known rule and customer service by the customer is normally right.

It’s pretty much impossible to keep purchasers if all of us don’t make sure they are ecstatic and satisfied. There are a lot of ways that a dissatisfied customer can retaliate, especially now that there is the internet and social media. Business could be over if merely one disgruntled customer makes the move to start a smear campaign against the company. I had a residential oil furnace repair on Wednesday and it was my last task of the day. It had already been a legitimately stressed day and I wasn’t looking forward to another oil furnace repair. I was hopeful that the task would be over fairly quickly, so I could go back to my property before it got dark. The customer was legitimately frustrated when I arrived, however someone on the telephone basically told her that I was going to be there at 2 p.m. and I did not arrive until 4 pm. I apologized to the customer for the problem and I assured her that I was still helping someone else. The customer told me where the oil heating equipment was situated. She had boxes and bags of garbage pretty much everywhere. I barely was able to find my way navigating through all of the trash in the place. I identified the actual drawback with the oil furnace and I went out to my truck to write an invoice for the estimate. I came back into the customer’s dwelling and she had a meltdown when she saw the estimate. I don’t truly get why she thought the job was going to be a low price.
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