I was determined to get a home with a fireplace

I don’t know any house is really a home unless you have a fireplace in it, and at least that is my opinion! However, what can I say, I guess I am a bit biased because of my history with fireplaces.

I have regularly grown up with fireplaces and as a child every home I had ever lived in had a fireplace, and this didn’t change as I got older, when I eventually moved out on my own and got my own house one of the things that I missed the most was the fireplace. In my last home we had an electric fireplace and the beauty and calm that this fireplace could bring, especially during the chilly holidays in the wintertime. It beat the central heating and A/C plan in every possible way. I knew I would one day purchase a home that had a fireplace just like the one that I had grown up with. I made it a goal of mine and I was determined to fulfill that goal. Little did I know that years later my dream would become a reality when I met the girl of my dreams and the two of us got married. We were both really young to be married and people said it wouldn’t last, but here we are years later and we are still together. We purchased a home with an electric fireplace together and after only a couple of years of being married we started our family. Now my kids get to grow up feeling the warmth of the fireplace just like I did. In fact, I know I use the fireplace even more than I do the gas furnace.


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