My dad leaves the thermostat on 64

My dad always complains about the costs to run the house.

When we eat dinner, he complains about the rising costs of meat like ham, steak, and liver.

When we are driving in the car, he complains about the price of gas. I’ve heard him tell us a thousand times that gas used to be a dollar when he was a kid. In the house, my dad constantly complains about the indoor temperatures. The thermostat needs to stay at 64 degrees at all times. I swear my dad can tell if the thermostat has been adjusted by one single degree. I told my dad that it was too cold in the house yesterday, and he told me to put on some clothes. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but he insisted that I could still put on a pair of long underwear and a sweatshirt. I complained to my mom, but she couldn’t get my dad to change his mind. As soon as my parents left to go to the grocery store, I decided to turn up the thermostat for a few hours. My brother and I watched the car leave and we adjusted the thermostat as soon as they left. We had the heater running the entire time that my mom and dad were going. When my parents pulled into the driveway, my brother immediately adjusted the temperature so it was 64°. When my dad walked through the door, he asked if there was a problem with the furnace. He could feel the heat in the air and he knew we changed the thermostat temperature.


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