My sibling makes bad choices with significant others

My sibling started dating a new guy a couple of months ago… I knew the guy from a couple of friends and I thought he was trouble.

I knew that he hung out at the bowling alley during the day, so I knew he did not have a job or responsibilities. I told our mom and dad that I thought the guy was excruciating news. My mom and dad did not want to discourage our sibling from dating the guy, however they did impose a strict curfew and rules. My sibling was still a senior in grade school at the time, so our mom and dad could enforce the rules… When our sibling graduated in August, she decided to transfer out of the condo so she could live with Brad. My mom and dad were really surprised and exasperated when our sibling decided to transfer out 2 weeks after she graduated. She was supposed to be getting ready to go to college, but she was packing all of her boxes and clothes to transfer in with her bestie. My sibling has been living with Brad for 3 weeks and she called our mom and dad for the first time on Sunday afternoon. She was really exasperated and frantic, because Brad took the air conditioning from the condo and pawned it for weed money. It was 95 degrees outside and our sibling was going silly separate from the air conditioning. She wanted our mom and dad to buy another air conditioning for the house, however they refused to help unless she decided to come back home at once.


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