I think my partner Bob is going through a midlife crisis of sorts

I’m pretty sure that my partner Bob is having a kind of midlife crisis.

He’s turning fifty in a couple of weeks, and I think that he’s taking it much harder than he prefers to show.

This sounds a little bit crazy, however Bob is starting to complain a lot about our home’s Heating and Air Conditioning system. It’s weird because both the oil furnace and the air conditioning that the two of us currently have has never been an issue for him before now! Recently, though, the heating and cooling bills that come every week just seem to push Bob over the edge. It’s mainly the heating bills that drive him crazy, though. Bob says that he wants to sell our home and transport down south so that the two of us won’t ever have to pay for another heating bill as long as the two of us live. I feel adore that’s a little bit over the top, personally speaking. I mean, can’t the two of us just implement some energy savings tips or something? Or the two of us could maybe get a newer, state of the art, higher efficiency heat pump or something adore that. I just feel adore moving to a bizarre state some hundreds of miles away is a little bit extreme, especially when it’s because of our home’s oil furnace. Bob insists that at this point in his life, he is completely done with with paying for our electric oil furnace to run regularly. He doesn’t even want to talk about getting another kind of oil furnace or some radiant heated flooring, either. He just wants to transport somewhere that the two of us don’t need to use an oil furnace. I suppose Bob wants to start paying for using the air conditioning instead!


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I really want my home to be more energy efficient this year

I feel as if I have spent a lot more money on heating and cooling my home this past year.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it, so perhaps I should just go back and check my HVAC statements from last year.

It actually seems that it might be costing me more and more money every year to run my heating and my central air conditioning. I did a fair bit of research on this, and I’m thinking about calling in my local Heating and Air Conditioning company this week to see if they have any energy savings tricks or tips they can share with me. I know that space of the problem is just that my Heating and Air Conditioning system is simply getting too much older… Everyone knows that there will be complications with your Heating and Air Conditioning system as it gets older and older. A ton of times, regularly busy Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance can help keep your old oil furnace equipment and your central air conditioning going for longer than it normally would. That said, I never actually took Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance undoubtedly seriously and I have never paid for an Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance repair to come in and check up on our HVAC on a official basis. The Heating and Air Conditioning company that I talked with said that the two of us were actually going to have to get a newer super-high efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning system if the two of us wanted our heating and cooling bills to get much lower. One thing I know is that when the two of us get a more up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning system, I’m going to hire an Heating and Air Conditioning company to come over and do official maintenance every couple of weeks or so.


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Commercial AC jobs are better than residential

I had worked at this residential heating and cooling company for years, however a single afternoon I finally decided that I was too sick and exhausted of dealing with weird residential Heating and Air Conditioning buyers. I was typically ending up having the weirdest buyers to deal with when it came to doing oil furnace repairs and air conditioning upgrades and things adore that. It actually seemed to me that the dispatch ladies at the Heating and Air Conditioning company I task for adore to save up all the most bizarre people and send me to their houses. I would end up working on heating systems for these creepy little outdated men who looked adore witches, or I would get a cooling system maintenance task for some dude who I could swear was in the back making flesh suits out of his victims! And then once I had to go and fix a heat pump for this man who put the “moves” on me and tried to get his Heating and Air Conditioning repairs done for free in return for some action. I ended up dealing with so much silly stuff as a residential Heating and Air Conditioning company that I finally decided that I needed to switch over to the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning end of the supplier instead. Now, I do heating and cooling repair calls for eating spots and dealers and activitys locales. And wouldn’t you know it? I haven’t had a single unusual issue with any of my commercial Heating and Air Conditioning buyers. The work hours are usually better as a commercial Heating and Air Conditioning dealer, too, since most of the dealers I do Heating and Air Conditioning repair and maintenance for are mainly open during the afternoon and closed on most major holidays.


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A dog spoiled with HVAC of its own

My older sibling Thom prefers his dog more than he prefers his husband, I’m pretty sure.

That’s a bad thing to say about him, however honestly, Thom treats that dog adore it’s a queen.

I love critters, too, although I would never do the silly things that he does for his pet dog. For instance, late last year he decided that his little dog just wasn’t cooling off well enough while in the high Summer temperatures. He actually called out a single of our local heating and cooling companies to come out and do a price estimate for how much it would cost for him to put an air conditioning equipment in the dog’s little home outside. He said that he prefers his little home outside and Thom didn’t want his to feel uncomfortable out there when he felt adore leaving the sizable home for his smaller a single one in the backyard. I thought that this was the craziest thing I had ever heard until Thom told me what happened while in the Heating and Air Conditioning appointment. Not only had Thom asked them to install the air conditioning in the dog house, although Thom had also asked them to install radiant heated flooring in the dog home too! Thom said that he didn’t want his to freeze his little paws off in the Winter on unheated flooring in that doghouse. I sporadically think that Thom is nuts. Or maybe he should start his own Heating and Air Conditioning supplier that caters exclusively to dog owners. I don’t know, however this dog has it better than I do. I’ve wanted to get radiant heated flooring as my heating source for years and I still don’t have it!


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Our neighbors copied us, bought a thermostat equipment just like ours

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however sporadically it’s also pretty annoying.

Our neighbors seem to try and copy every single thing that the two of us do. They got a more up-to-date automobile similar to ours, then they put in landscaping adore ours. This Summer they even bought a more up-to-date mailbox similar to ours. Periodically it seems adore they have genuinely no original thoughts of their own at all, for instance, a few weeks ago, the two of us had the local HVAC company come out to the home to install a single of those up-to-date smart thermostat systems for us. Both of us had been studying a lot on all of the ways that these more up-to-date smart thermostats are better than the outdated college kinds of thermostat units that the two of us grew up using. Then the two of us learn that smart thermostats can actually pay for themselves in a time with the energy savings tips that they provide once installed, however the smart thermostats can learn the weekly routines of your family and then adjust your heating and cooling schedules automatically. This ends up saving you lots of money on your heating and cooling costs through the year. Anyway, when the neighbors saw the Heating and Air Conditioning company panel van in our driveway, they poked around until they found out why it was there. When the two of us finally informed them about our up-to-date smart thermostat system, suppose what they had installed the next week? Not only was it a smart thermostat system – it was the precisely same smart thermostat system that the two of us had installed. I just don’t get why in the world they want everything that the two of us have.


Our neighbors copied us, bought a thermostat equipment just like ours

New up-to-date air conditioning benefits my painting class

I love painting.

  • Not painting walls or anything like that, of course.

Painting walls is the worst! I love to paint pictures on canvas, my favorite thing to paint is my pet dog Rascal. I’m getting pretty good at these paintings now! When I first started, you couldn’t even tell that it was a dog, however now my organic shapes are absolutely in good form. I blame my bad early artistic skills on the fact that the studio classroom where the painting classes are held was severely lacking in the cooling system department. This studio is outdated and the Heating and Air Conditioning system was absolutely outdated and so worn out. Not exactly state of the art heating and cooling equipment, if you get what I mean. Whenever they did have the cooling system on, it was lukewarm and poorly blew out of the air vents in the ceiling. No matter how low the art instructor turned down the temperature on the thermostat, the art room never seemed adore it was cooling off. However, late last year they finally decided to call a commercial Heating and Air Conditioning company and have them go to work on the air conditioning in the art studio. This summer, the temperature stayed fairly consistent and cool throughout the Summer afternoons. The thermostat seems to be working well and every class, I try and sit underneath a single of the air conditioning vents. I think that my art has finally improved right along with the Heating and Air Conditioning system in the studio. Whatever it was the Heating and Air Conditioning company did for the building was absolutely the right thing to do! Both of us haven’t had a single issue with the air conditioning since then!

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Our book club has climate control issues

I think that the two of us might have to stop attending the weekly book club that the two of us go to.

It’s not because the two of us don’t truly adore all the people there or the books that the two of us choose; No, it’s mainly because all of the people at these meetings don’t have any system how to properly set the temperature dial on the HVAC! It’s getting to be ridiculous, honestly… During the winter, it wasn’t actually that major of a deal.

I mean, I did feel adore they kept the heating turned up much higher than it needed to be while in our meetings, although I dressed in layers and the moderate temperatures didn’t bother me that much, however, now that the weather is heating up outside and then it’s time to start running the air conditioning inside, it’s a bizarre story. When the temperature is hot outside, I have a bad time being inside a building that isn’t properly air conditioned. I typically feel hot and stuffy and sporadically overheating gives me a massive headache. Not only that, although I get hot and irritable and I just can’t seem to appreciate anything about myself. I think that’s because a lot of times I will get a actually bad headache whenever I’m overly hot and there is no air conditioning available… Periodically when I feel a headache coming on I will sit right in front of the cooling system vents in my automobile and let the cooling air blow through the multiple air vents right into my face and that helps. All I know is that without any cooling system at our book club, it’s super uncomfortable for me.


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It was just too hot at the banquet

It’s never fun to be somewhere when it’s this hot; I have complications with going to venues that don’t know how to properly set their thermostat systems.

  • It’s actually quite annoying to me to be at a dinner or another type of function and the indoor air conditions isn’t up to par.

I had to go to a pigskin awards banquet for my youngest son Last weekend the building that the two of us were in quite obviously had no clue how to set a commercial heating and cooling system for optimal comfort. This building was cool enough at first, since the weather outside was actually cooling off. The temps inside the building weren’t too bad when the two of us first went in, however of course when all of the team players and their parents showed up the room started heating up a lot! By the time the dinner came out and the two of us started eating, I was dripping with sweat adore a racehorse and praying for some air conditioning, of course, the director of the banquet center didn’t turn on their cooling system. I suppose for some reason they typically believe that if the temperature outside gets cold, they genuinely have to keep the heating turned up inside, but that is never actually the case when there are hundreds of people packed into a room as if we were sardines in a can. The temperature in the room was getting into the low eighties, and I know that almost everyone in the room was feeling as uncomfortable as I was. I complained to management and they ended up having to go and open up the windows because they couldn’t get the oil furnace to turn off!


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it can be dangerous in the winter

During the winter, there is nothing worse in these areas than having a power outage because of a disappointing storm.

When trees and power lines get knocked down as well as the power goes rurally or out in most of the city, you can guarantee that some people are easily going to have to wait a few days to get their electricity back.

The underlying trouble with having no electricity is that the people I was with and I therefore also lose our heating systems, however last winter, while the many people I was with and I were in October, the people I was with and I had a big ice storm that absolutely knocked out the power in our area for 4days. During these 4days, the many people I was with and I had entirely no oil furnace to keep us warm against the cold air, as well as the people I was with and I didn’t have any backup sources of alternative heat either. During the first afternoon, our small condo stayed pretty moderate because the people I was with and I carefully retained the heat from our oil furnace. However, by the third afternoon, it was growing so chilly that the people I was with and I refused to get out of bed for most of the time. All of us had to drive to a local gym to get heat from the public heating system, as well as the people I was with and I wisely showered there as well. When some of our friends found out that the poor people I was with and I still didn’t have a legitimately working oil furnace, they politely invited us to stay the evening at their house. Apparently, their home’s power was back on, as well as the people I was with and I gratefully accepted the warm offer. They really saved our butts that night. Thankfully, the power was on the next afternoon, as well as our Central oil furnace turned back on.

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I guess we don't have generators

Yesterday, the coolest thing happened at our college out of nowhere.

It was the middle of math class and we were supposed to take an exam, as well as it was chilly outside.

There are no oil furnaces installed in our college since the people I was with and I are in a warm country. Instead, the people I was with and I have to rely entirely on the oil furnaces from the ductless mini-split cooling systems, as well as most years the people I was with and I also had a few section oil furnaces snug against the walls. However, the people I was with and I were warm most days, as well as there was nothing to complain about. But that day, the power started flickering, as well as the usual oil furnaces kept turning off as well as back on. Finally, the electricity completely died in the entire college. Everything stopped legitimately working at once, including all of the heating systems. My professor opened the external curtains on the window to turn on some lights as well as called the principal into the room. All of us heard them begin arguing because our professor said loudly that the people I was with and I students couldn’t stay in the building long without having any legitimately working heating systems. The principal asked to wait an additional 15 minutes to see if they could get the electricity back on. Without the heating systems, the room temperature dropped quickly in the college, as well as the people I was with and I eventually all grabbed our coats as well as wore them while our trusty professor was teaching. Finally, the college made the decision to send us all out of the building until the power came on. Without heating systems, it definitely was going to get cold, as well as they didn’t want any of us youngsters to get sick! I do not have a big problem with it, and I hope we don’t get a backup generator.



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